Upper Big Creek.

Upper Big Creek This section is above the camp ground and there were supposed to be some beaver ponds. We never found the ponds but did find some nice holes.

Here is George Jacox getting ready to fish his hole.

Confluence of upper Big Creek and Belvidere Creek

George caught 4 or 5 nice westslope Cuts from this hole. The hole doesn’t look deep but it is about 5 feet deep. I know I have checked out the depth of the holes on Big Creek a couple of times. This hole will be visited next year durring the Big Creek conclave with a pot of coffee some additive and some of Georges Cigars just waiting for the sun to set.

George catching a WestSlope Cut in the upper Big Creek.

Confluence of Big Creek and Sheep Creek.

Dave and Hector (the babe magnet) spent a lot of time fishing this hole and the area around it.

When I was walking out the first day Ted could be seen working this hole.

Utah Fly Fishing