Big Creek Clave II
This is the Home Page for the Big Creek Conclave II, BCC2. in here there will be maps, information as what kind of gear to bring, how much food, where to stay, how to get there, and who will be attending. Oh almost forgot what kind of Fish to expect. This is going to be the work of the members of the fly fish@ list.

The Dates are August 13 to August 16 Friday to Monday 1999.

map Showing general location of the Big Creek Camp ground

Here is a map showing the roads and aprox. location relative to Cascade, McCall. The map was taken from MAPQUEST. There are some points showing rivers etc. the better route is in yellow.And followes the South Fork of the Salmon River from Warm Lake to almost Yellow Pine to get a more detailed map check out AAA Idaho/Montana map 97-12. Also check out the Frank Church River of No Return Wilderness North Half from the U.S. Forest Service.

The yellow path is Approach # 2 the better/easier route.

For more information on the Big Creek Clave check out Big Creek back ground from George Jacox about Big Creek

Here is a picture of Johnson Creek it is aprox, 30 miles east of Cascade and about 5 miles north. About 5 miles past Warm lake is the junction that you would turn north to follow Johnson Creek. The road is dirt "hardpan" and can be dusty this is before you even get to the big creek area. From the junction to Yellow pine the road is about 35-40 miles and it follows Johnson Creek for most of the road.

Here is the confluence of Big Creek and Beaver Creek. Big Creek comes in from the left and Beaver Creek is flowing under the bridge. If you go about 300 yards back up the trail to the left is the camp area the Trail crew was staying at. about 1/4 mile up Beaver Creek is a camp area where one of the ff@ stayed (Frank Cada) I think?

another view of the same location different picture