Here are some of my Cats that allow me to live with them.

Rebock is a sweet cat but he is kind of a twit. He gets carried away when he is getting his head scratched and has been known to fall. He should work for Dave Lewis's "tweeter Caddis" dubbing.Beaus new Rebocks

Vinnie is the smartest Maine Coon and seems to get into more that any of the others.He works for Nymphs,Midges and Stoneflies.Vincent VanBeau

Here is Annie she was named after a CFA judge and friend Ann "Oakley" Kimbell. The white makes a nice Caddis nymph body.Annie Get Your Gun

Here is Hewey He is the biggest Maine Coon We have about 20 pounds. Should also work for a "Tweeter Caddis"Hewey Lewis and the Mewes

This is Tiny she is one of the special needs kids. She has a problem with her hips they pop out some times but she doesn't know that she is the littlest Maine Tiny Angle

Even though Fred isn't a cat he is here cause he thinks he is I call him poodle cause he is such a wimp unless he is out running. He is a Grey Hound (not the smartest dog) but sweet and easy going, he has cornered a bag of dog food and is showing how he would gurard it.Fred the Poodle (grey hound)

I also have some Reds and as soon as I get a picture I will put them up. The Reds make great Hare's Ear and Golden Stone flies.