Dry Fly Swap Flies

Parachute Light Cahill--Tied by Kent Bishop, Clarksville MD
Herl Midge--Tied by Jim Tefft, Henrietta NY
Antron Caddis--Tied by Kerry Kimmins, Montrose BC CAN
Griffiths Gnat--Tied by Dave Churches, Latham Australia
Usual--Tied by GP Peterson, Toronto Ontario CAN
Borger Braided Butt Damsel Fly--Tied by Henry Kanemoto, Wausau WI
Extended Body Gray Drake--Tied by Marguerite McKenzie, Springfield OR
CDC Elk--Tied by Hans Weilenmann, Amsterdam Netherlands
Section 1.

Uncle Ezra's Parachute Sulphur--Tied by Ben Benoit, Antioch TN
The Voljc-Moser Dry Caddis--Tied by Joyce Westphal, Provo UT
Parachute Caddis--Tied by Joe Libeu, Long Beach CA
Parachute Polywing Sulphur--Tied by David Leschinsky, State College PA
Smokey May--Tied by Wally H. Lutz, Edson Alberta CAN
Royal Stimulator--Tied by Pat Orpen, Jonquiere Quebec CAN
Lime Trude--Tied by Doug Melville, Thunder Bay Ontario CAN
22 OBA [Olive-Bodied Adams]--Tied by Chris Knight, Syracuse NY
Section 2.

Loop Wing Adams--Tied by Jim A. Fox, Calgary Alberta CAN
Haystack (Francis Betters)--Tied by David A. Guinee, Ann Arbor MI
Gray Ugly--Tied by Rod Forth, St Louis MO
Olive Midge--Tied by Earle Grossman, Pembroke NH
Olive Wulff--Tied by Dave Liverman, St Johns Newfoundland CAN
Mosquito--Tied by Peter Henry, Smithers BC CAN
Griffith's Gnat--Tied by W. A. Wells, Danville VA
Crowsnest Olive Dun--Tied by Jim Stangowitz, Calgary Alberta CAN
Section 3.

Light Cahill--Tied by Tim Cavileer, Moscow ID
Parachute Adams--Tied by John Breslin, Ottawa IL
Crackleback--Tied by Preston Larimer, Elsah IL
Renegade--Tied by Preston Larimer, Elsah IL
Blue Winged Olive--Tied by Frank Cada, Loveland CO
Henryville Special--Tied by Gene Holowachuk, Cooperstown NY
Seducer--Tied by Ivan Turner, Seattle WA
Gray CDC Caddis--Tied by Doug Kellermann, Herndon VA
Section 4.

Electrostatic Caddis--Tied by Wayne Vierhout, Mississauga Ontario CAN
BWO emerger--Tied by Herman Nijland, Wageningen Netherlands
Western Green Drake (Wulff Style)--Tied by Mike Lange, Pocatello ID
Olive Body Sparkle Compara-Dun--Tied by Michael Valentiner, Plymouth MN
Elk Hair Caddis--Tied by Ed Olson, Salt Lake City UT
Royal Wulff--Tied by Mitchell Lee, Davis CA
Royal Parachute--Tied by Tom Conner, Haslett MI
Gulper Special--Tied by Jeff Morton, Auburn WA
Section 5.

Wine Humpy--Tied by Rick Lalliss, West Jordan UT
Delta Wing Hemingway Caddis--Tied by Jack Amundsen, West Jordan UT
Extended Body Elk Haired Caddis--Tied by Trappor Masson, Spearfish SD
Sulphur--Tied by Paul Harkins, Dallas TX
Elk Hair Caddis--Tied by Scott Allred, Ballwin MO
Mosquito--Tied by Phil Pool, West Jordan UT
CDC Iron Blue--Tied by Bert Vosters, Wageningen Netherlands
Rusty Brown Spinner--Tied by Ray Geary, Geneva NY
Section 6.

Black Poly Caddis--Tied by Bill Finney, Columbus OH
Green Drake Paradrakes--Tied by Bob Clark, Redmond WA
Tan No Hackle Dun--Tied by David Sherman, Gilbertsville PA
Olive Bodied Elk Hair Caddis--Tied by Matt McClung, Pocatello ID
Chernobyl Ant--Tied by John Kanengieter, Lander WY
Deerfield Caddis--Tied by Peter Just, Williamstown MA
Biot Bodied Blue Winged Olive--Tied by Agust Gudmundsson, Oxford NJ
McMurray Bee--Tied by (Alberta) Al Grombacher, Edmonton Alberta CAN
Rivermoth Caddis--Tied by John Goldsmith, Trail BC CAN
Section 7.

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