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Places to eat and drink from the FF@ list. They range from fast food to family style. There is even some places to stay away from. I hope that the groupings do not cause any heart burn but from here theSouth is all of the South east part of the US. the North is all of the Northern US and the East Part of Canada . The West is every thing west of the Missisipi and the North west is Oragan, Washington, Vancouver,British Columbia, Alaska, and Alberta, Hey I left out the North Pole there is a Sea up there that has a great name. But if they do just take a plop plop fizz fizz and hope for releave. Enjoy

NorthWest Area

  • Alaska: Anchorage,Alaska :Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse
    Do yourself a favor, when you make it up to Alaska on a fishing trip check out Humpy's Great Alaskan Alehouse in Anchorage. It is the best place to get lots of cold beer, fresh salmon and halibut. The only fish that is better is when you cook it stream side...
    Tight lines,
    Scott Peters Fairbanks, Alaska
  • Bow River:Calgary, Canada : Silver Dragon
    Bow River: Calgary, Canada:Peter's Drive-In

    Barry Thornton wrote an excellent article on fishing the downtown Calgary section of the Bow (see latest issue of Western Flyfishing). Before I was married, I used to live just a few blocks away from the 14th St. Bridge. I used to walk over to the bridge, then fish my way downstream; if I was ambitious, I'd make it to the Zoo, but usually I hauled out at the Centre St. Bridge.
    At the south end of the bridge lies the old Chinese district. As with most "Chinatown's", only the newly-arrived and the elderly actually live there - most Chinese live out in the suburbs just like everyone else - but the place is crawling with restaurants of all sorts. You can find restaurants specializing in cuisine from all over China, as well as foods from Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, etc. Or, you can go to the Silver Dragon. Seats about 500. Menu has ~ 650 items - all types. Price is reasonable, and they'll serve you whether you're in a fancy suit, or in your grubbies and packing a fishing rod. A waiter once assured me that, if I appeared with a fish (yeah, right), they would cook it for me while I waited.
    For more traditional fisherman's fare, drive north on Centre St until you hit 16th Ave N (a.k.a. the Trans-Canada Highway). Go about three blocks east (i.e. right) - not quite to Edmonton Trail and pull into Peter's Drive-In. By car, less than 5 minutes from the Centre St. Bridge. Over the years, Peter's has bought the nearby businesses, as well as the houses behind, in order to expand his parking lots. Started out by offering discounts to anyone in uniform - cops, firemen, soldiers, mailmen .... Delegations of firemen still show up at lunchtime ("40 burgers for Hall #3"). A Calgary instituition. Get the Triple Cheeseburger - three huge patties (with half of a fourth tucked underneath so no-one feels cheated) - and a large order of fries (comes in a honest-to-God *shoebox*) and wash it down with one of their *very* homemade shakes (real fruit in the brew). I try to hit that place *once* on every visit; the day before we left Calgary to move to Trail, we all dined out at Peter's.
    Tom Fry Trail, BC Canada
  • Olympic Peninsula: Seattle,WA:Blue Heron
    Try the Blue Heron in Bay Center. At the south end ("the base") of the Olympic Peninsula (SW of Seattle about an hour). Low-lying territory - would be called "bayou" in Louisiana - roads in town elevated well above tide and paved with oyster shells. Place is a bar/ restaurant/ pool hall. Looks like it's seen better times, grubby exterior, maybe the typical Ptomaine Ptavern. Wrong - listed in "Where to eat in WA" with multiple stars. "Basic" seafood (e.g Fish & chips). Bet you can't finish the "small" helping alone - I can't.
    Tom Fry Trail, BC Canada
  • :Anchorage,Alaska:Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant
    I would have to disagree, Scott. The bartender at Gwennie's Old Alaska Restaurant in Anchorage, when sufficiently juiced up from patrons buying rounds, will make up a mess of wild game steaks and chops for said patron. moose, caribou, bear. It was utterly delectable. The food in the main restaurant was fantastic (and cheap by Anchorage standards) as well.
    Chris Dahm
  • : Boundary,Alaska :Action Jackson's Bar & Grill
    As an alternative route to part of the Alaska Highway, go north from Whitehorse to Dawson City (site of the Klondike gold rush) then head out on the "Top of the World Highway". This will re-unite with the Alaska Highway eventually (at Tok, AK), but will run you through some "interesting" territory first. The road begins by climbing *above* the glaciers, then runs along the ridges from mountain to mountain. It is open only part of the year. I crossed the border into Alaska on a late-May 1978 afternoon at about 4PM. The road had been open for a week, and I was the third tourist through (either way) that day. The Canadian and US Customs guys were parked at a card table out in no-man's land, playing checkers. Asked where I could get an Alaska fishing licence, and was directed to continue on down the road to "Action Jackson's Bar & Grill" in Boundary. That's before you get to Chicken or Eagle or some other metropolises. Well, folks, I suspect that old "Action Jackson" has packed it in by now; he was only a tad faster than that rare Polynesian tree snail that was recently pronounced dead because it had made no forward progress in 3 years. However, I hope the place is still in business. Envision a frost-bitten rendition of Duelling Banjoes. A log cabin serving as a cafe. Two plywood shacks masquerading as a motel. A gas pump (one of the old ones, with the glass globe at the top). An airstrip, carved out by the US Postal Service on the flimsy excuse that Boundary needed a post office and they might as well set it up in the back of Jackson's cafe. Turns out that the occasional tour bus goes through there, and all of them stop to visit Mr. Jackson (and eat his wife's pies). And a bar. Big pink hand, cut out of plywood, fastened on the door - giving all and sundry the 1-finger salute. Dollar bills stapled to the ceiling, each one autographed by the folks who put them there. Ceiling sagging so badly that I had to duck to avoid the light fixtures. Several regulars, some of whom I learned had taken advantage of the post office air strip to *fly* in for a few drinks. Several were almost as comatose as the proprietor - a major accomplishment. Action Jackson was so slow that he managed to sell me three drinks and the world's greasiest hamburger (with a side order of fries cooked to the texture of earthworms) while filling in all the blanks in the Alaska non-resident fishing licence he sold me. I got to talking with a prospector - turned out he wintered around Seattle and panned for gold near Eagle all summer. Wound up eating two pieces of Action Jackson's pies (they were excellent) and staying two days at the prospector's cabin. Even caught some grayling ;-^)
    Tom Fry
  • Umpqua::Steamboat Inn
    Deschutes::Maupin Inn\cafe

    When Down on the Umpqua. The Steamboat Inn, Great Breakfasts after a hard morning of fishing. The Grandma's Bread is unbelievable. Good Milk Shakes before you go out in the afternoon. When In the Maupin are down on the Deschutes you have to stop for a milk shake at the Maupin Inn\cafe. They also have good burgers. Just good Grub.
    Jeff Johnson
    Jeff: Don't forget Gloria's cinnamon rolls at the Oasis...they're legeandary!
    Stuart Barclay
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    West Area (Calf.,Arizona,New Mexico,Texas,Utah,Colorado,Nevada,Idaho,Wyoming, and Montana

  • : Panguitch, UT : Flying M
    I mention Nedra's in Freedonia (AZ)-Kanab (UT) in my VEgas FF page. I'd also add the Flying M in Panguitch, UT. None is distinctively a fishing bar. I confess that I don't understand the allure of the Sportsman's at the Juan. I sure miss the breakfasts at Debo's at Rizuto's: nothing like watching a bunch of flyfishers chowing down and talking about World Cup soccer. Is the Grid Iron Hotel in Lopez, PA, still open? Used to be neat: good breakfasts, midly scary bar at night. Alas for the decline and fall of the Antrim in Roscoe.
    Bruce Pencek
  • High Sierras: Eastern High Sierras, California: Tom's Place
    : Mammoth Lakes Village,California : John's Chick N' Pizza

    Toms Place - a small cafe at the wide-spot-in-the-road on Hwy 395, Eastern High Sierras, California. Roughly half way between Bishop and Mammoth Lakes, right after you get to the top of Sherwin Grade, leaving Bishop. This is also where the primo stream Rock Creek crosses the highway - my second-most-favorite drive-to stream in the Eastern Sierras. One big long building, with the cafe on the left, the bar in the middle, and the tackle shop on the right. For breakfast, the stack of pancakes, with ham or bacon, and coffee on the side. For dinner, the chicken-fried steak, mashed potatoes and gravy. John's Chick N' Pizza - a small cafe in Mammoth Lakes Village, just off Hwy 395 in the California Easter Hign Sierras. Only place in town open past 10pm - does NOT cater to the yuppy skiers - but to the locals and families with kids. Owner and store manager won't put up with any drunks or rowdies. Usual disclaimers for Tom's Place. On the other hand, my youngest son Scott works at John's Chick N' Pizza (manager). They'll point you to the closest fly shop and tell you where the fishing is hot. It's possible Scott might even go with you and show you some good spots. A word of warning though, I still haven't been able to convince him to change from spinning to flyfishing.
    Claude Freaner
  • : Redding, California :Jack's Steak House
    Jack's Steak House in Redding CA is a must for anyone fishing the Redding CA area. The 16 oz filet is one of the top three steaks I've ever had in my life.
    Chris Waggoner
  • South Fork: , Colorado: Hungry Logger
    South Fork, Colorado: Hungry Logger, west end of town, has a big chainsawed log statue out front, gargantuan desserts, bale-of-hay sized salads, and everything in between is wonderful. Also in South Fork, the walk up hamburger stand on the south side of the highway, middle of town. Greaseburgers to clog the cockles of your heart.
    L. C. Clower
    Been to both, and I agree! (good Stuff). Also a small dinner/tavern south of town on west side of hwy. (can't remember name), biggest breakfast burrito I've ever seen! Have it covered with the green chili sauce.
    Rick Wheeler
  • Madison River:Raynold's Pass,Montana:Grizzly Bar and Grill
    Yellowstone park:West Yellowstone, Montana: Three Bears Rest.
    Grizzly Bar and Grill on the Madison,in Montana, downstream from Raynold's Pass, Used to be a real cowboy bar, Still good after being yuppified. Three Bears Rest. in West Yellowstone, Montana.
    Stephen DiCerbo
    Albany New York
  • : West Yellowstone: Yellowstone Pizza Co
    West Fork:Yellowstone, :Grizzly Bar
    Gallatin:Yellowstone, :320 Ranch and The Corral Henry's Fork:Buffalo River,Idaho:Ponds Lodge
    Yellowstone outside the Park:Gardner,Montana:Helens

    I agree, but as you said not quite as good now that it is Mountain Mike's or something like that. The best eating in West Yellowstone is the Plumber's restaurant not called that but owned by the local plumber in town. It is called Yellowstone Pizza Co, but has much more than Pizzs - great pasta. Unfortunately for a town of 50 restaurants few are outstanding. You have to fish the West Fork area for that - the famous Grizzly Bar. If, on the other hand you prefer the Gallatin then the selection is much greater around the Big Sky area. My favorites are the 320 Ranch and The Corral. If you like the Henry's Fork good eating at a good price can be had at Ponds Lodge at the Buffalo River.Now if you fish the Yellowstone outside the Park or any of the northern park streams you simply must stop at Helens in Gardner. Talk about a buffalo burger. I can surely tell you lots of places to eat, but dare not ask where to fish. (G)
    Dave Lewis
  • :Boxeman,Montana:Spanish Peaks
    A little yuppish, but try Spanish Peaks in Bozeman. Great Itialian food.
    Norman Brust Newark, NY
  • Jackson Hole:Jackson Hole, Wyoming:Jedadiah's House of Sourdough (breakfast, Mangy Moose (dinnr)
    :Livingston, MT:Murray Hotel
    Yellowstone Park: West Yellowstone:Theim's cafe

    Jedadiah's House of Sourdough in Jackson Hole for breakfast and the Mangy Moose at Teton Village for dinner--you don't need lunch if you eat at those places. One that passed (to a new owner--not quite as good) was Theim's cafe in West Yellowstone. Plain as dirt but great food and the best service I've had anywhere. Hope to look for a good replacement this summer!! Murray Hotel in Livingston, MT for breakfast. Good food, fair service and superb atmosphere. Neat place to stay, too, if you're into old hotels. Another place for dinner is right across the street from Tom Travis' Montana Angler--again plain, but good steaks and they have Glenfiddich behind the bar!!
  • :Jackson,Wyoming: Bubba's BBQ
    Ogden River,PineView Res.:Ogden, Utah: Bubba's

    Hello all. If you're in Jackson, do try Bubba's: BBQ ribs are out of this world, even though it's a clean, well-lighted place. 'Course, you have to bring in some Teton Ale with you to get the best possible meal, but you can buy that just a few steps away. This is a Don't Miss Place. Best, Gerry Cox
    About the Ogden Bubba's I haven't been to the Jackson one but the ribs are great and the service is fantastic
    jack amundsen
    Bill Williams
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    NorthEast Area

  • :Greencastle,IN: Monon Grill
    Great grease and gas place where you can get about any kind of quicky food as well as raspberry cobbler to finish the meal and look at a lot of Monon Railroad memorabilia. In Dave Guinee's area. Allan Fish Greenwood, IN
  • Gunpowder:Hereford,Maryland: Wagon Wheel
    My local river is the Gunpowder in northern Maryland. There's a little place near there (on York Rd. in the town of Hereford) called The Wagon Wheel. I doubt if you'd find a better place to eat a quick lunch anywhere. I can't recommend any special because everything I've had there is good. They have about 75 different sandwich-type lunches on the menu and the food usually comes in under 10 minutes (under five if you get cold sandwiches).
    Andrew N. Lamborne
  • Beaverkill:Roscoe, NY: Roscoe Diner
    The Roscoe Diner in Roscoe, NY is an obligatory stop for anyone fishing the Beaverkill.
    Roger Martin
  • : Fergus, Ontario Canada: The Highlander Inn
    Jim Tefft
  • West Branch of the Delaware:Downtown Deposit:Little Italy
    :Syracuse,NY: Little Gem Diner
    Salmon River: : Altmar Inn
    Ausable River:Sarnac, : Casa del Sol

    For NYS: If you're doing the West Branch of the Delaware, forget the diner and head for Little Italy in downtown Deposit. Go for their daily lunch special, whatever it happens to be. In Syracuse, it's the Little Gem Diner. Italian sausage and eggs, or just about anything else on their menu. This is a real diner, for those of you who appreciate the difference. For the Salmon River, you've got the Altmar Inn. Don't bother to get out of your waders for this one or you'll get a lot of weird looks. Blake likes their fries and gravy. When you're doing the Ausable River there is only one real choice: the Casa del Sol in nearby Saranac. Only trouble is getting there, when Luis Nasim is riding shotgun he tries to make you stop at the McDonalds instead.
    Chris Knight
  • :Grayling, MI:Papa Bear's
    Bruce said I sure miss the breakfasts at Debo's at Rizuto's: I'll ditto Bruce on that one and... Offer up the all you can eat Sunday Brunch at Papa Bear's in Grayling, MI.
    Bill Schudlich Santa Fe, NM.
    How about the Lumberjack Breakfast at the Grayling Restaurant, Bill? (From another MSU graduate)
    Conrad Shiba Danville, KY
  • Beaverkill: Rosco, New York: Raimondo's
    West Branch of the Ausable:Whiteface, New York: The Hungry Trout (dinner), The R ed Fox inn (breakfast, Lunch)

    Raimondo's in Roscoe, New York.Beaverkill.(shame about the Antrim) Stephen DiCerbo
    Albany New York
    From: John Dwyer When I read this above I almost cried as I remembered my best friend and fishing mate [he fishes no more medical reasons] used to spend many a night at Mahogany Run there. The first time I stayed there I think the room was about $6 per night it kind of kept going up. We used to get the Prime Rib for dinner and the Reuben for lunch was out of site, TU NYState Council meet there for many years the first weekend in June One such meeting I had been out late the night before and Chuck came knocking on my door about 5:30AM and said let's go well I told him where he could go but finally he got me up as would be I caught my largest Brown Trout in the Beaverkill [no kill] using an Orvis Midge rod for 5wgt and a #12 compara dun The birds where knocking out the mayflies of the trees by running into leaves they then would pick off the flies as they dropped well some bugs made it to the water and a trout was eating them as they fell into the water. I figured why not and cast in under the limbs wang go, after about 30 minutes I landed and released a 21 inch beautiful Beaverkill Brown. Thanks for mentioning the Antrim as it brought back many nice memories
  • Pere Marquette, Little Manistee, Big Manistee :Baldwin,Michigan: M 37 Club
    My entry (or entree) is the M 37 Club about 20 miles north of Baldwin, Michigan, for those fishing the Pere Marquette, Little Manistee, Big Manistee, etc. Just take Hiway 37 north out of town, go about 20 miles and the M 37 Club is on your left. This place has very good food that includes: superb homemade soups, inch thick porkchops, great walleye filets, and pretty decent steaks. Moreover, the place has a nice sportsmens ambience, plus a rather pugnancious waitress, nicknamed nasty, who keeps people on their toes and places. They serve generous portions.
    Jerry Gabris
    Pere Marquette: Ludington,Michigan: Maria's
    When fishing Michigan's Pere Marquette, do yourself a favor and make the 30-mile drive to Maria's in Ludington. Great Greek food served up by a great Greek Lady. (It's been a couple of years since I last visited Maria; I hope she's still there). Ooo-pa!
    J Swygart Wapakoneta, Ohio
  • :Greenville, ME: The Road Kill Cafe
    The Road Kill Cafe! A great "touristy" place with good food and prices. I've only eaten at the one in Greenville, ME but I hear that the ones in Rangely, ME and N.Conway, NH are just as good.
    -Clyde W. Watson
    I agree with Clyde. Billy Smith, Mike Roy and I stopped into the one in New Hampshire near the Nuklear Nuthouse, and had ourselves a feed! We were coming back from the Fly Fishing show on Saturday, what a show! I hope some of you had a chance to go! Mike traveled five hours and Bill and I four hours to see the show! Anyway, check out the Road Kill Cafe' in Greenville or where ever, you won't be dissapointed! Ron McKusick
  • : Amagansett NY: Estia's
    Jefferson,Ruby: Twin Bridges, MT:The Old Hotel
    Henerys Fork:Last Chance, ID:Pond's Lodge
    Yellowstone Park:Yellowstone Park:Lake Hotel
    : Forks, WA :The Smokehouse (?)

    Charlie Miller
  • the Milwaukee:Glendale,WI : Kopp's Drive-In
    : ,WI : Solly's Cafe

    When I fish the Milwaukee, I like to stop at Kopp's Drive-In on Port Washington Road in Glendale. They have burgers the size of cow pies, the best onion rings in the world and custard that will clog your arteries on the spot. If they served beer, I would camp in the parking lot. (For you trivia buffs, it occupies the space that formerly housed the Milky Way Drive-In, which was the model for "Arnold's" in the old "Happy Days" TV show) A little further downstream on Port Washington Road is Solly's Cafe. Butter bugers and some of the best coffee I've ever had. Stop there for lunch 'cause they close at 3 pm. Also worth noting, near the Mecan River... Curley's Bar in Plainfield, WI. The pizza is the frozen kind. Order it, throw away the pizza and eat the cardboard tray. They should have a sign outside that says "Don't come alone, and don't come unarmed!" Standing in the parking lot on a quiet night, I could swear I heard strains of "Dueling Banjos". As Herman's Hermits would say, "A Must To Avoid"...
    Marty Wardius
  • Grand:Elora, : The St. Georges Arms
    On the Margaree: Cape Breton, : the Normaway Inn.

    As Jim Tefft notes, The Highlander in Fergus, Ont. while fishing the Grand is a good spot. Tennents on tap. Christine! Pipers in August. Also on the Grand, and I do mean ON the Grand: The St. Georges Arms in Elora. Elora Pale Ale on tap. Steak & Kidney pie. The Grand flowing by outside the window. On the Margaree, Cape Breton: the Normaway Inn. Pricey, but worth it, especially in October. I've enjoyed reading all the entries, and hope we'll see a database for download! I wish I'd known some of these eateries when I've visited the areas. Is there *anything* worth eating in Ft. Smith, MT? Please save me >from chicken fried steak with milk gravy!! Cheers, Ian D. Martin
  • : Chatham, Mass.:Larry's PX
    If there's no slime on your waders you'll have trouble getting service.
    Michael Powers
  • Ausable or the Saranac: Plattsburg, NY :Mainely Lobster
    My choice whenever I would fishing the Ausable or the Saranac close to Plattsburg, NY would be "Mainely Lobster" Quaint and cozy, real friendly, three lobsters $19.95 Bring your own wine and beer. OK in my books
    David A. Delcloo
  • Maitland River: Seaforth,Ontario: Captain Jacks Drive-In
    Is that bar down at Hankin on the main Delaware still there? Great dive, featured fare: the "Frank 'n' Stein" for 75 cents (a half draught and a tube steak with kraut and mustard).

    When fishing the Maitland River in southern Ontario, returning late at night from bothering smallmouth bass, there is only one choice: Captain Jacks Drive-In on the west side of Seaforth (Uninformed, second rate anglers that I sometimes deign to fish with call this place Uncle Jacks, even though there's a boat on the front lawn. Well, actually it's in the ditch, and it's been gone for about 10 years). Good drive-in fare, but stay away from the Big Erics. The whole front of the joint is the menu, and they serve more varieties of high cholesterol fast food than the Ritz serves haute cuisine.
    Trivia: this place turned up in a B movie about an all girls baseball team. The Elora Quarry on the Grand also featured as the set for a skinny dip. You will run into the baseball teams at Captain Jacks, but I've never seen 'em in the Elora Quarry (worse luck).
    Ian D. Martin
  • Branch:,Michigan :The Oasis
    Ruby Creek: ,Michigan :Ruby Creek Bar

    When in Michigan and fishing the Pere Marquette there are to good places to eat, one is in Branch the other is at Ruby Creek. Branch - The Oasis Ruby Creek - Ruby Creek Bar You wont find a french chef or maitre'd but good burgers, cold beer and good people.
    Douglas G. Platt
  • :Colomo, Wisconsin:"EATS
    Hey Guys, The best place to eat, while in pursuit of trout in Wisconsin is "EATS" in Colomo. The burgers were great, but the sandhill crane was always a bit on the dry side. Alberta Al
    Grombacher, Alan
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    South Area

  • Linville Falls Wilderness: Linville Falls, NC: Louise's Rock House Restaurant
    In the northern mountains of NC, you have to try Famous Louise's Rock House Restaurant. It is a country-style restaurant with homemade jellies, cobblers, home-style cooking, and is very inexpensive. The unique thing about the restaurant is that it is in three counties. The restaurant sits on the corner of three counties and the county lines are marked inside. It is located in Linville Falls, NC and is near the Linville Falls Wilderness Area.
    John Salty Stines Cramerton, NC
    Cindy and I ate there a few years back when we were up for a weekend. It was snowing and beautiful, but the fishing was zippo. Still, a gorgeous spot on this earth. Seems to me that the Linville gorge would be a great place to have a conclave. The campground on the parkway (I believe they have camping near the picnic area, don't they?) might work, but there's probably a better one within distance. We could spread out on the trails into the gorge and have plenty of water for 10 or 15 folks, or more. I haven't fished in the gorge in 20 years! Man, that's a long time. Back before I knew *anything* about trout fishing, except I loved it!
    Wayne Clodfelter
  • Little Missouri River: Murfreesboro, Ark., is the T&C Restaurant
    Scarcely blocks away from the Little Missouri River in the town of Murfreesboro, Ark., is the T&C Restaurant - the home of the Billy Bob Burger. The onion rings are to die for - especially if you have cholesterol problems. I never can finish them during the meal, so I get them to go and connect the grease spots on the paper sack on the trip home.
    Buster Wolfe
  • Lake Maurepaus or Bayou Manchac:New Orleans,Louisiana:Middendorf's Restaurant
    Lake Ponchatrain:Bucktown section of New Orleans:R&O's

    Fishing Lake Maurepaus or Bayou Manchac North West corner of Ponchatrain?? Nice largemouths where those river channels hit the lake, come on down and I'll show you which rivers: Middendorf's Restaurant best fried catfish & hushpuppies anywhere!! No exceptions. Yes I'll fight to prove it, or better yet, lets not fight come on down and I'll buy you a plate full. Anywhere else in N.O. Area?: R&O's on Lake Ponchatrain in Bucktown section of New Orleans, Some may favor Deannie's seafood on some days, Abita Mardi Gras Bock on Tap. Just don't expect it broiled or blackened, only fried.
    Healthy Eater Hilary, Thompson - a fried is us! kid (please pass the mayonaise)
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  • ,Heber Springs:Charlie B's
    how about Charlie B's in Heber Springs. Great catfish, and if you are in a hurry you can get the paint removing sausage gravy with biscuits for breakfast (and lunch, and dinner, and midnight snack) its the meal that keeps on giving..
    Mike Boone
  • salmon river:pulaski, :FRICK & FRACK'S
    i really didn't want to add to this never-ending list but it's time to go home for the weekend so................ salmon river, just on the rim of "downtown pulaski"..........FRICK & FRACK'S...a real greasy spoon with atmosphere.
    jim feudale