Our trip to Unknown Lake Saskatchewan started from Ogden Utah at 3:00 Thursday June 4, 1998 our first stop was at Arrick's Fly shop in West Yellowstone. After talking to Arrick we followed him to his dads house in Bozeman Montana where we crashed for the long ride to follow. We drove from Bozeman to Saskatoon and spent the night there. Next leg of the trip was to go to LaRonge staying Saturday night there. From La Ronge it was mostly dirt road to Points North Air Service, where we were to fly out Monday June 8 to Unknown Lake (also called Theriau Lake).

Camp Points Unknown

Traveling back to Camp Points Unknown after a morning of fishing for grayling on the river. To the Left is Mitchell Bay where the Otter from Points North Air would Land and take off, to the right is where most of the pictures were taken.


If you travel North for about 15 Min. by boat you start to run in a string of islands called the allutian chain.

Here is Arrick Swanson with on of the smaller Northerns taken from the channel that ran from the lake to a shallow bay. channel to the bay the log Here is one of the larger Northerns taken out in the bay. This is one of the logs that we managed to land. Arrick (holding the fish) seemed to be able to pick out the fish a lot better than I could, I thought they were logs out in the bay.

This was one of the best Northerns that I managed to land. my best northern

This was the only Lake Trout that was hooked and landed on a fly in about 15 feet of water. laker

This was the moon from camp about 2:00 in the morning.

moon at 2:00

This is Brad Quillian the Outfitters son with his first Northern on a fly (I think it was his first fish ever on a fly). first fish on a fly