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birth:Thomas Nast born, 1840
histo:The first passenger was hauled in a locomotive in England, 1825
holid:Feast of Finding the True Cross in Ethiopia
events:Democratic National Committee voted to admit women. (1919)
First passenger conveyed by locomotive (England, 1825)
King Constantine I of Greece abdicates (1922)
Royal Albert Docks lighted by twenty-six electric lamps (1880)
The Royal navy sinks the Bismarck off the Brest Coast (1941)
The ocean liner Queen Elizabeth was launched at Glasgow. (1938)
William Howe occupies Philadelphia (1777)
literature:James Franklin, Benjamin's half brother, publishes the first issue of "The Rhode Island Gazette" (1727)
lives:Arthur Penn, movie director (1922)
Barbara Howar, author (1934)
Clara Bow, silent-film actress, dies (1965)
Dick Schaap, sportscaster (1934)
Edward II is assassinated (1327)
Greg Morris, actor (1934)
Kathleen Nolan, actress (1933)
Meat Loaf, singer (1947)
Mike Schmidt, former baseball player (1949)
Sada Thompson, actress (1929)
Samuel Adams, American patriot, is born (1722)
Shaun Cassidy, singer (1958)
Thomas Nast, cartoonist, born (1840)
William Conrad, actor (1920)
world:Feast of Finding the True Cross (Ethiopia)

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