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birth:Dionne quintuplets born, 1934
chris:Rogation Sunday
compu:First meeting of COBOL definition cte. (eventually CODASYL), 1959
holid:Mothers Day in Central African Republic
computing:First meeting of COBOL definition committee (eventually CODASYL) (1959)
events:Belgium falls to Germany (1940)
The Sierra Club founded (1892)
United States Customs Court created by Congress. (1926)
the Irish senate is abolished (1936)
the Nazi's win election in Danzig (1933)
lives:Dionne quintuplets born (1934)
Gaston Lenotre, Epcot restaurateur (1920)
Gladys Knight, singer (1944)
Ian Fleming, author of the James Bond books, is born (1908)
Jerry West, Los Angeles Lakers General Manager (1938)
Jim Thorpe (1886)
Noah Webster, lexicographer and teacher, dies (1843)
Sondra Locke, actress (1947)
space:Astromonkeys "Able" & "Baker" zoom 300 miles into space on Jupiter missle (1959)
world:Mothers Day (Central African Republic)

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