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birth:Alexis De Rochon born, 1838, developed the spyglass
histo:Battle of Verdun begins, 1916 1M casualties
First telephone directory, New Haven, Connecticut, 1878
Malcom X shot to death in Harlem, 1965
events:1st self-propelled locomotive on rails demonstrated, in Wales. (1804)
Battle of Verdun begins, bloodiest battle of WWI, over a million casualties (1916)
Edwin Land demonstrates black and white photos that self develop in only 60 seconds (1947)
First Telephone book is issued, in New Haven, Conn. (1878)
Last Carolina parakeet dies (1918)
Washington Monument is dedicated (1885)
first snow in recorded history falls on desert near Persian Gulf, 18 inches falls on Abu Dhabi and melts in four hours (1987)
lives:Alexis De Rochon, developed spyglass, born (1838)
Anais Nin, French-born American author and diarist, is born (1903)
George Ellery Hale dies (1938)
Malcolm X shot to death as he was about to speak to a rally of followers in Harlem (1965)
W.H. Auden, English-born American author, is born (1907)
sfo:Oakland Daily Tribune begins publication. (1874)

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