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Classical Pagan

This is the faith of the Greco-Roman tradition, the gods of Olympus largely adapted and extended for the needs of the Roman Empire. By the 4th century one or another flavor of Christianity (Galileans) had usurped the cult of the emperor, and the term paganus came to be used for devotees of the old gods, also called Hellenes in the Eastern empire.

With a reorganization under Emperor Julian, and a substantial following througout the empire, Olympian cultists were still a force to reckon with in Late Antiquity, with many adherents in the educated upper classes. No longer the divine cult of the state, and with many main sites of worship destroyed, the forces of Christianity were pressing hard. Theodosius banned sacrifice ca. 392 CE, though this was not rigidly enforced. Arian Christians, Jews, Manicheans, and others banded together against the new orthodoxy for a time.

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