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A Twilight of Empires

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Hunnic Empire

A people whose impact on history is not matched by their literary or archaeological footprint. Origin theories abound, most centered around a tribe of the Hsiung'nu pushed westward. In the new lands they spread violence and terror with their advanced horse archery and ruthless policies, proving yet again that fear has a power all its own.

By the last quarter of the 4th century they had established a wide domain north of the Black Sea. The resident Goths and Alans either submitted or fled into the Roman sphere. Drawn after them, the Huns began to press on more peoples. Some Goths sought refuge and food within the Roman Empire, which simultaneously desired their fighting ability and loathed them as barbarians. Independent Hunnic bands hired out to the Romans.

At the end of 400 CE, the rebel Roman general Gainas, who had fled the massacre of Goths within Constantinople, was captured by the Hunnic ruler. Gainas' head was sent back as a goodwill gesture.

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