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Oghuz Turk Realm

The term Oguz is thought to refer to a multi-familial social grouping, the roots of a proto-state. They are to some extent a root Turkish federation, later centuries seeing the Uighurs and others descending from Oghuz splinters, though this is controversial. Various later sources refer to 8 or 16 tribes, some of which were later famous - perhaps these Turks are 8 of the 16, and the Sakiz Oghuz (8 oghuz) remained in the Juan-Juan Khanate.

For more, see the Oghuz-name.

Their history is otherwise obscure, though one may be sure that they were nomadic and adept on horseback.

For more information see (also Ghuzz, Uyghur, Uigur, Cumans, Kyrgyz, Turkmenistan):

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