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Roman Christian

At the time one might more properly term this the Latin Church, though that would include several heresies as well. Clearly the primacy of Rome in the Latin rite, and the multiple centers in the Greek rite, i.e. Alexandria, Antioch, and Constantinople, guaranteed that the two would diverge over time. Mistranslations of texts commonly lead to long periods of dispute between Latin and Greek.

The Council of of Constantinople in 381, which no Roman priests attended, was notable for the formula:

the bishop of Constantinople shall have rank after the bishop of Rome because it is New Rome.

Naturally the Alexandrians were upset, and the Romans objected, as their status depended on their political and not ecumenical status. The Arian controversy showed the Bishop of Rome the need for centralization, which path they follow to this day.

The Nicene Creed is affirmed in the Roman Rite.

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