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Sasanian Persian Empire

This is a native Iranian dynasty in Persia (220 CE - 651 CE), successors to the Parthians (from ca. 250 BCE). The essential goal of this empire was to restore the glories of the ancient Achaemanian Empire, the empire of Cyrus, Darius, and Xerxes, stretching from Egypt to Macedon to India.

The new shahanshan succeeded his father, Bahram IV, who was killed in an army revolt. Yazdigerd I "the Cruel" was in fact apparently tolerant and peaceful, allowing Christians and others liberty (at least for a time) and upholding the treaty with Rome. Others claim his mercurial nature meant this epithet was truly deserved.

Here is a summary on the Sasanian military and a DBM army list.

For more information see (also Sassanid, Iran, Isdigerd):










Yazdigerd ITemple fire

Khusro II Ardashir I

Anahita invests Narses


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