Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Rules Special to A Twilight of Empires

As if the standard rules for Lords of the Earth were not enough, here are addenda and comments. Everyone will want to read the very first entry, both novices and veterans. In the spirit of LOTE, your comments and input are always welcome.

    Search these Rules Addenda:
  1. General Topics
    1. The Basics for Everyone
    2. Optional Rules in Effect and Minor Rules Changes
    3. Check the bottom of the latest newsfax for a list of rules hints and clarifications

  2. Military Units
    1. New Unit Types for this Campaign
    2. Limited Troop Builds
    3. Increasing Available Troops - the NT Order
    4. Elaboration on the UT Order
    5. Building Artillery Units
  3. Armies, Fleets, and Warfare
    1. Understanding Native Armies
    2. The Investigate Location (IL) Action
    3. Creative Ways to Pay Troops
    4. Demobilizing Fleet Units: Transports and Warships
    5. Danger At Sea - New Fleet Moves
    6. Temporary Leaders
    7. Kinder and Gentler Looting and Sacking
    8. Selling Out Your Army
    9. Alternate Sources of Troops - the RT Order
    10. Notes on the Conduct of Combat
    11. Notes on National Leaders
  4. Trade and Maps
    1. How to Initiate Trade
    2. Hands-Free Trade
    3. Long-Range Trade Using Conduit Cities
    4. New Method for Converting MSP to Transport Units
    5. Using Trade Routes to Get Around
    6. Using Port Areas for Trade and Port Cities
    7. Trading by Land and Sea Through the Malay Peninsula
    8. Trade and Non-Player Piracy
  5. Religions and their Primates
    1. Religious Sites in Diverse Regions
    2. Trade for Primacies
    3. Extended Human Resources for Primacies
    4. How to get Holy Relics - the FR action
    5. The Religious Interaction Table
  6. Miscellany
    1. Creating Component and Subject Nations
    2. Imperial Size Divisor
    3. Transfer of GP Delayed a Turn
    4. Alternate Combat Resolution and You
    5. Slavery in Antiquity
    6. Megalithic Project Degradation When Support Is Not Paid
    7. Limits on Income: MAXTAX
    8. The Royal Estates
    9. Sex Among the Royals
    10. Steppe Hordes
    11. Avoiding Dynastic Failure
    12. Dangers of Bucking Reactionaries

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