Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

The Fabricate Relic (FR) Order

This order is an addition to the list of religious leader operations, under 9.6.8 The Powers of a Holy Primate. If successful, it will give the primacy a Holy Relic useful in completing other actions. Fabricate Relic (Optional Rule)

Code   FR
Cost   20 Leader Actions (AP) and 1 NFP and 50 GP
Stat    Charisma

Every religion has certain portable holy items which are held in reverence, from the Hussite tabor to the bones of Alexander of Macedon. Despite the name of this action, a relic is not in every case "created" on success. Rather, the actual effort may involve searching for the item, or properly packaging the item for transport, or researching its validity, or merely in trumpetting its significance.

The Relic fabricated must be historically reasonable. Some may have more import than others. For example, if the Monophysite Patriarch of Alexandria wished to FR the True Cross, the player would need to prove that the item was in fact known and accessible. Furthermore, odds of success would improve if the historical location were known and the leader performed the FR action thereat. Another example would be Buddhist saints' relics, which would need to be both "significant" and not already under a stupa somewhere.

A successful action will result in the item added to the primacy notes section, with a name and the size of the modifier it generates. Usually this will be a +1 on actions by the possessing leader. Even to generate a bonus of any sort the relic, again, must be "significant" enough.

Be warned that this leader action has a hefty negative modifier - in some cases making success a miracle, so to speak. Of course, this campaign is the Age of Miracles, from Britain to Japan, so keep the faith ...

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