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A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Demobilizing Ships

This is, in part, an addendum to 5.4.5 on Demobilizing Units.

In the third paragraph it is stated that all units on demobilization yield 1 (one) NFP regardless of how many NFP were expended in their construction. This rule was created in an environment where units cost 1 NFP to build except where elite units cost 2 NFP to build.

In A Twilight of Empires ship units may cost substantially more than 1 NFP to raise. The motivation for this is the historical evidence that crews, especially for galleys, could be much greater than 1 NFP (200 men) for even one hull, let alone the two counted in a unit. Ships, on the other hand, usually had a smaller crew for a given hull size, i.e. cargo capacity.

Thus when demobilizing, please consult here:

  1. Warship units yield their full NFP cost.
  2. Transport units yield half their full NFP cost, fractions dropped on the sum of units demobilized.
  3. Elite units yield 1 (one) less than their full NFP cost.


The Pallavan king wishes to annex one of his petty neighbors. To do this he decides to raise a large land army by equipping his sailors to augment his forces. His fleet is 2HT,2HEW,5T,5XT,10XW. This produces NFP as follows:

  • 2HT,5T,5XT were built with (2×4) + (5×3) + (5×2) NFP = 33 NFP; half of this is 16.5, drop the fraction to yield 16 NFP.
  • 2HEW were built with 5 NFP each, thus yielding 2×(5-1) NFP = 8 NFP.
  • 10XW were built with 10×2 NFP, thus yielding 20 NFP.
  • Summing these gives 16 + 8 + 20 NFP = 44 NFP.

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