Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Native Armies

As you know, Allied (A) and Feudal Allied (FA) places come with a leader and troops.   What you may not realize is that other places also have an inherent self-defense force which will mobilize under certain circumstances (see 10.8).


A region or city whose troops are not otherwise engaged, e.g. allied army marching off somewhere for the king, and are of control status other than A, FA, or F (Friendly) will have a native army ready to repell invaders.   A very large army whose intent is not conquest and is just passing through has a decent chance of being allowed to pass unmolested.

Otherwise a number of units somewhat larger than double the revolt value will defend the place (see 10.8).   Twice this number will arise in the case where an invader intends to enslave or kill the local population.   In any event a leader will be generated to guide them.

Marching With You

In addition to having access to these via diplomacy, i.e. A and FA control status, one may also use them via Recruitment (RC).   While these are troops you need not build, there will be support costs to pay.

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