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A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

The New Type (NT) Order

This order is analogous to the Upgrade Troops (UT) leader order, in the standard rulebook as an option ( It is a procedure whereby players may generate new troop types for their countries to build. New Type (Optional Rule)

Code   NT
BAC   8 Leader Actions (AP)
Stat    Combat

This action is only possible to a King, Heir, or Prince, who must be in command of the units to be converted. The better the combat rating, the better the chance for success. Note also there is a small chance for dynastic failure (DF), as one is usually asking the propertied classes to either change, or allow a more powerful plebeian class.

Units may only be converted if an AQR (Army Quality Rating) exists for the general type. That is to say, in order to raise cavalry units it is necessary to first have a Cav QR of at least 1 (one). Investing in the AQR will raise it from 0 (zero).

Units are converted to the new type at the rate of two old for one new, fractions lost. Units must be converted at a valid build location, e.g. a port is required in order to build heavy warships (HW). New units are always built as inexperienced (or the lowest level available), and will always be so for 10 (ten) years after they are first commissioned. After this period regular and elites may also be raised.

For every new unit to be created, the nation must allocate 5 (five) times the build cost of the new type for every unit to be raised. Further, the new unit weight, i.e. light, medium, or heavy, must be within one weight class of the starting weight, e.g. light to medium, but not light to heavy.

Converting from foot to mounted, and vice versa, is more tricky. Horsed types may not be raised directly from infantry types except for mounted infantry (XD, D, or HD). Foot may first be converted to one of these types, which may be subsequently converted to cavalry. Elephants and artillery may be raised from any unit type, assuming other requirements are met.


The Frisian king, Aethelwoof, wishes to train his men to shoot a bow from the back of a galloping horse while hunting boar. He saw this on a Persian silver plate looted from a Romano-British manor house, and was impressed ever after. He gathers some of the hird together and tells them what he has in mind. After much argument, they take to their horses and give it a go.

Starting with 4 HI, the first step is to convert these guys to the D class. For barbarians, this will cost 2gp (cost for ID) times 5 (see above) times 2 units output (2-for-1 on conversion) is 20gp. Assuming success, the next step is to convert these to XC. The 2 ID units will become one XIC unit. This costs 0.5gp times 5 times 1, or 2.5gp. In the end, Aethelwoof will have his horse archers. In ten years such troops may actually be of some use, as the warriors learn to not stab their enemies with the arrows, to not fall off their horses, and to skirmish effectively.

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