Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Optional Rules

In effect:

  • The Order Form 5.4.3 (Training Levels) and 5.4.4 (Equipment Classes);
  • Leaders and Army Actions (Investigate Location), (Intervene in Mercantile Affaires), (Forced March), (Conduct Census), (Re-Equip Troops), and (Upgrade Troops: see also additional actions below);
  • Espionage 8.3.18 (Rearrange Expenditures) and 8.3.19 (Revise Orders);
  • Empire Building 10.1.6 (The Census).

Not in effect:

  • Industrial Capacity is not in effect, mainly because it makes my head hurt, so is not needed to produce heavy units, e.g. HI: ignore relevant section of 2.14.15;
  • The Stat Sheet 2.10.2 (NFP Troop Support: only because it is not yet implemented in software);
  • Ferry Points 4.7.1 (Ferry arrows on map do not come with 10fp; all ferry points need to be built unless explicitly noted)
  • Heirs and Princes 7.1.3 (Table 7-2 superceded, leader types done case-by-case);
  • Changing the Imperial Size Divisor (ISD value stuck at 3 everywhere);
  • Optional Rules 11.1 (Secret Empires) and related, e.g.;
  • No differential modifiers to Tech Point accumulation based on national religion.
  • Also no Merchant Combines and no Religious Orders.

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