Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13


In desperation, soldiers were often raised from foreign lands directly, instead of through political means, by recruitment.   More troops you say?   How do I get them? Recruit Troops (Optional Rule)

Code   RT
BAC   2 Leader Actions (AP)
Stat    Charisma

This action is open to any leader, including mercenary ones.   The leader enters a region where recruitment is possible, spends a small amount of time broadcasting his intent to raise troops for his patron, and a result is determined.   Extra time and money spent will naturally increase the odds of riding out at the head of an army.

Beyond these, here are other modifiers.

Recruit Troops Modifiers



Wilderness Region

+1 bonus

Mountain Region

+2 bonus

Any TBL present

+1 bonus

Loot, Raid, or Sack City orders

+2 bonus

Unpermitted Region

-3 penalty

What is a permitted region?   A leader may attempt to recruit from any uncontrolled (UN) or claimed (C) region.   Other regions may be targeted only with the agreement of the controlling player, and then only those with a control status of NT, T, or EA.   Nations may recruit from within their own empire if desired.   Note that if recruited troops are called away for any other purpose, such as a change in control status or an attack on the home region or city, then the recruited troops will disappear.

A recruited native army comes with the region's leader noted as a T ("Temporary") leader, and functions as an Ally (A) leader except that the army need not return to the home region and these leaders do not count against the limit on the total number of leaders, up to 2 × "native" BL (see 7.0).   These troops are however more likely to disappear if the situation deteriorates.

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