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Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Interacting Religion Sites

This is an addendum and clarification of The Powers of a Holy Primate for founding religious sites (,,, rules. It supplants requirements for religious domination of a region. In particular, this is an attempt to answer the question: How can different religious sites coexist in the same region or city?

First, it is assumed that any region without a minority religion exists with the majority religion at a Faith Level (FL) of 100%, i.e. all the people who are going to be active in a religion are active in that religion. By active it is meant they contribute money or time, and that their efforts filter up to the Primate level. There may be a few "heathen" worshippers even when a majority religion is at a FL of 100%, but their local influence is negligible.

Second, where missionary work (, 9.4.3, 9.3.8, and similar) has produced a diverse religious environment in a region, the FL for each will effect the foundation or upgrading of religious sites. Essentially, the greater the popularity of the largest opposition religion, the more difficult will be the creation of, say, a new monastery. Site creation means the GM makes a Religious Action die roll, and the following table shows how the largest opposing FL - and all other FLs are considered to be in opposition - in that region will effect religious site creation:

Largest Opposing
Faith Level (%)
Religious Action Modifier
(+N is good, -N is bad)
30 or less +1
60 or less, more than 30 +0
80 or less, more than 60 -1
more than 80 -2

Third, there are many other Religious Action Modifiers, most of which are common sense. For example, a large IR is good, different language is bad, cash and AP expended are good, and so on. As with most of LOTE, throwing more money, time, and leaders into a situation will improve the odds of success.

Fourth, how does one learn the FL values in a region when one does not yet have a site in that region? Possible solutions include asking the owning player, or other primates with religious sites. One may also use intel or leader actions in that region to learn the faith situation on the ground. And of course asking the GM works.

Fifth, a note on minority religions. Conversion may reduce all other FL values in a given region or city, and turn the official religion to something new. However, once established, no FL will thereafter drop below 5% despite subsequent missionary or diplomatic work. Targeted executions, pogroms, enslavements, or other heinous acts may be used to drop this fraction if such methods seem "appropriate" for your nation.

Kudos to Michael Blocker and Ivan Mostinckx for ideas and inspiration.

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