Tang Chinese Steppe Falconer at Court

A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

Trade by Land and Sea

From antiquity to modern times, Southeast Asian waters were infested to a greater or lesser extent by pirates living off the trade past modern Singapore (our Sabara). Much trade instead went to and through the Isthmus of Kra, cargo dropped on one shore, carted, then picked up on the other.

Lords of the Earth normally does not allow for such things. In A Twilight of Empires this is permitted as follows.

  • The regions involved are Mon and Kedah.
  • Trade through these adds a distance equal to the AP cost of land movement through the region as if it were controlled.
  • A nation controlling either region may use its Port Areas and Cities as their trade conduit terminals.
  • Otherwise, each region may be used as the equivalent to a conduit port if the trading nation has a conduit rating above zero, and assuming this is permitted by a controlling power (if any).
  • All such uncontrolled trade counts as Blockaded Sea Trade, with revenues consequently around half that of Normal Sea Trade.
The GM is willing to entertain extensions and modifications of this trade scheme.

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