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A Twilight of Empires

Lords of the Earth, Campaign 13

What to do if you want to play

If you have read this far, you want to play. Here's how to get started, step by step.

Getting a Position in the Campaign

Player positions are basically first-come, first-serve, though an interest in a given nation based on history, travel, or other background will help you get what you want.

You will want to look over the current maps, the position writeups and the ISI list for available nations. Two positions per player can be had with GM permission.

Your First Turn

Once you have contacted the GM and have your very own empire, it is time to see about the rules. This means getting the latest copy of the Lords of the Earth rules and also reading over the specific A Twilight of Empires rules addenda. Most especially look at Rules Beginners Really Need Now section for the absolute essentials for new players. I recommend taking a look at the GM's intro for some general clues on the flow of the game. Also, be sure to sign up for the lote13 Yahoo group to receive important news and ask questions of other players.

Click here to join lote13
Click to join lote13

When it is time to do your turn, download the Excel orders form v. 1.4.2 and fill it out using information from your national stats sheet. Orders written on this spreadsheet can be directly input into the campaign software, speeding your results. The GM greatly prefers this, so much so that players using other methods will be charged an extra US$5.00 service fee per turn.

One way to simplify (or complicate) this is the Java-Orders-App from the Throneworld website. This is a great tool for generating the orders spreadsheet, and is under development.

For those unable or unwilling to do this, and willing to pay the extra service fee, please use one of the other forms at or near the top of the list. These are the newer versions. Other types of turn order submission are OK, but please contact the GM about this, or any questions you may have.

How To Fill Out The Orders Form

The simplest way to get started is to get a concrete example of a properly completed orders form. For this, click here and download to your machine. Edit this to fit your position and then send it to the GM as an attachment.

For filling out the form you will need a copy of MS Excel or a copy of OpenOffice. The latter is open source and is available at no cost (though of course they appreciate money ...) from their website. Download the stable version, or get a CD from a distributor if you have a modest network connection. Versions are available for Linux, MS, Mac, and other operating systems.

If you have questions about any of this, contact contact the GM as soon as possible.

The Awful Truth

It is a sad truth that players must actually pay US$5 per turn to play, and also purchase the rulebook for an outrageous sum. What can I say - The Man made me do it. And expenses must be covered somehow.

  • PayPal - Click on the graphic below and follow the instructions. Email me if you have any questions.
  • Check - You may send me a personal check drawn on a US bank. For information on how to do this, e.g. what is the GM's mailing address, please send me an email, lote13gm at xmission dot com.
  • Traveller's Cheque - Available most places, and often can be drafted into good old Yankee imperialist dollars.
  • Other - There are probably really great alternatives to the above. RSVP if you would like to chat about it, and we can work something out. And no, you may not exchange family members for A Twilight of Empires credit ...

On top of this, you will need to get a rulebook, which is not too dear, or expensive ...

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