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The greater Salt Lake metropolitan area stretches from Provo in the south to Ogden in the north in one thriving contiguous city referred to as the "
Wasatch Front". Nearly 2 million people, with a much broader diversity than you might expect, call this area home. Salt Lake City and the greater Wasatch Front communities are dynamic, exciting places to live. Only minutes away from the downtown area there are 11,000-foot peaks with both ski resorts and wilderness areas that create a dramatic backdrop to this modern western city. The Salt Lake Chamber of Commerce has the demographic data.

Utah is rated #1 for "Best Quality of Life"
Business Facilities Magazine 2010

Originally settled in 1847 in traditional wagon train style by a fun loving group of religious pioneers, Salt Lake has never stopped growing and now stretches valley wide from the Wasatch Mountains in the east to the Oquirhs (Oh-kers) in the west. Even though quiet suburbs abound, SLC has managed to maintain a thriving downtown scene. Construction cranes are a common sight with several new office towers, hotels, convention center, courts complex, events center and more. Much more. Three to eight billion dollars being spent on 20 acres in the very heart of the city to create a 21st century version of downtown living. The project called City Creek is massive and construction is already well underway with a projected completion of 2012. Funded and constructed entirely by the LDS Church, the exact cost of the development may never be known, but all residents of the city will benefit. The New York Times called it the "largest private construction project in the nation". See a great fly-through conceptual tour of the City Creek project here.
But there is no need to wait. Plenty is happening everyday in Salt Lake right now.
Two other very significant pieces of architecture are the proposed Federal Court House and the completed Salt Lake City public
library building which has already won architectural recognition and is thought by many to be the finest public library building in North America.

SLC is rated third on the "Best Performing U.S. Cities Index"
Milken Institute 2009

Transportation planning and implementation is constant in Salt Lake. Completely redesigned interstate corridors, belt routes, commuter rail and light rail really work to keep things moving. The light rail system is called TRAX. They are already expanding these clean, quiet, electric trains with further east/west lines connecting western suburbs and the airport to the central city hub by 2015. Downtown is a free fare zone for both bus and train travel. The new commuter rail called Front Runner speeds from the downtown intermodal hub to Ogden and by 2015 will travel south to Provo. This combined with the new Legacy Highway and an expanded I-15 give north bound commuters great new options. As a result of intense environmental negotiations a 2200+ acre nature preserve was created between the new Legacy Highway and the Great Salt Lake. An adjacent trail system is used for walking, bicycling or horseback riding.

Rated SLC as one of the "Best Cities for the Next Decade"
Kiplinger 2010

It's difficult for me to convey in a few short paragraphs just how dramatically this city has changed since I moved to SLC in 1983. Some older locals still feel they have to offer excuses for being a resident while immigrants can't understand why this mountain city is still a secret. If a well intentioned friend is advising you from moving to SLC, chances are they have never lived or even visited here in the past 20 years.
From my modest downtown condo I can walk one block east and enjoy lunch at any number of local (not chain) restaurants or experience live theater, 1 block north to catch the light rail train with destination options from the suburbs to the University, 1 block northeast to the arena with sports and concerts, 1 block northwest and there's a 40 acre outdoor mall, 1 block west and I can have dinner in the historic Rio Grande train station, 1 block south is a renovated city park. And its not just my neighborhood. Neighborhoods throughout Salt Lake City have their own walkable commercial centers and unique feel.

"One of the top 25 wired cities"
Yahoo! Magazine

Feeling the call of the wild? Well, within an hour of your new home are serious wilderness backpacking trails (within 25 minutes of downtown), three mountain ranges with peaks exceeding 11,000 feet, the great west desert, minor league baseball with the Bees, professional NBA basketball action with the Utah Jazz at the Arena and ECHL hockey with the Utah Grizzlies. And if you clean up well, a fancy night out on the town might include any of the following: Ballet West, Ririe Woodbury Dance Co. or the Repertory Dance Theatre (RDT) . The Utah Opera and Utah Symphony will have you humming along. Professional and semiprofessional acting companies fill many a stage here. Act it out with the Pioneer Theatre Company, Plan B Theatre Company, The Off Broadway Theatre, Grand Theatre or the long running Salt Lake Acting Company. And that's not even a full list.

"Most Fiscally Fit State"
Forbes Magazine, 2010

Art galleries abound (over 30) and you can't possibly see them all in one day. But you can try during the monthly gallery stroll where patrons visit participating exhibits taking in the essence of art and free hors d'oeuvres with complimentary wine. Cheap date alert! Some of my favorites would include; The Salt Lake Art Center, The beautiful new Utah Museum of Fine Arts , Finch Lane Gallery aka "the Art Barn" and the Phillips Gallery.
Got Bones? Try the
Utah Museum of Natural History moving soon to the huge new LEED certified building in the foothills above the city. Take to the streets with the ever-expanding festival scene. At the very least you'll want to enjoy the Utah Arts Festival, the Avenues Street Festival, The Ninth & Ninth Street Fair, Pride, the Park City Arts Festival and by all means don't miss the Tony award winning Utah Shakespearean Festival in southern Utah.

Utah is rated first among the "Best States To Live"
Gallop Healthways, 2010

National touring companies bring us the magic of Broadway for a great season at the beautifully restored Capitol Theatre. The Arena , E Center and Depot insure that every week you will have a great show in store. From Lady Gaga to Monster Trucks we host them all. Or you can share a ski lift and the sidewalk with Hollywood power types at the world famous Sundance Film Festival. Preview many of the newest films months before your coastal friends. Dress is winter black, the newest I-thingy is mandatory, and name-dropping is a must.

Besides the aforementioned million acre woods of the Wasatch Mountains, Salt Lake City alone has over 70 parks and green spaces (not to mention the county parks). We have places to bike, like City Creek Canyon. Places to hike, such as the Bonneville Shoreline Trail system or the Jordan River Parkway and places to strut your mutt (leashless) in Herman Frank's ballpark, Mill Creek Canyon and Tanner Park.

Salt Lake International is rated third in "Best U.S. Airports"
Zagat Airline Survey, 2010

For the gourmet in all of us there are few ethnic culinary experiences not duplicated here, from Afghani to Vietnamese, from vegan to barbecue. Or visit our high-end grocers small and large to collect the ingredients in creating your own dining delight. And Salt Lake likes coffee a latte (sorry, couldn't resist). Along with the mandatory 1,500 or so Starbucks locations, local family run bistros like Coffee Connection , The Coffee Garden, Caffe d'bolla, Salt Lake Roasting Co. and Caffe Marmalade draw crowds day and night. Catch up while you caffinate by perusing the Salt Lake Tribune, or City Weekly two of the several newspapers serving the area.
And you don't have to leave your NPR behind. We have two public radio stations along with one of the oldest community radio station in the nation with KRCL.

"University of Utah #1 Research Institution for Startups"
Association of University Technology Managers, 2010

But I'll leave the rest of the hyperbole to those whose resources of adjectives exceed mine. The Visitors Bureau has a web site with a larger budget, and is a great place to start if you have never traveled to Salt Lake City.
So come and enjoy. Salt Lake would be so nice to come home to.


And remember...

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