Utah alpine skiing information and logistical tips

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This page has been updated for alpine ski visitors to Salt Lake City during the 2013-14 season. This page is originally derived from a Web site designed for a ski trip that we organized during the Joint Techs workshop in Salt Lake City in February 2005. This event was reprised in January 2010 when Joint Techs returned to the University of Utah.

During most of ski season, Utah is on Mountain Standard Time (MST = GMT-7h) - two hours behind New York and one hour ahead of California. Utah does observe Daylight Savings Time.

Ten-digit dialing (i.e., with area code) is required for all local calls in the Salt Lake City/Ogden/Provo area (area code 801 and the 385 overlay)

2013-14 season notes

Pointers to more information...


Daily updates

Ski rental and equipment sales locations

Obviously, the most expedient, but clearly not the least expensive, way to rent skis is just to patronize the ski shops at the base of all the resorts. For a one or two day stay, this may be the easiest thing to do.

Major northern Utah ski areas - general information

Other sources for ski information

Restaurant recommendations

Some Utah liquor law insights

Housing recommendations


Related information for visitors

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All information above is subject to change. YMMV and IANAL! ;)

Background: I am not affiliated with the Utah ski or hospitality industries -- other than holding season passes at Snowbird, Alta, and UTA. I work for the University of Utah and am a member of the TUNA, Friends of UAC, SUWA, and SOC non-profit orgs.

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