Francis Family Crest & Shield

The Arms (shield) is an Argent on a Chevron, between three eagles displayed gules, as many trefoils of the field.

The Crest is a falcon rising proper, gutee desang, in the beak a vine branch fructed also proper.

The Motto OU-LE-Sort-APPELLE (Where Destiny Calls)


Eight centuries ago, the expanding population of Europe necessitated the formulation of surnames in order to distinguish one person from another. Thus, the John who lived on the other side of the hill became John Overhill, and the John who baked bread became John Baker. In the year 1182 A.D. a wealthy Italian merchant was traveling in France when his wife gave birth to a son in Assisi, Umbria, Italy. To commemorate the birth and as a momento of his trip to France, he attached the name Francesco (Francis) to his son. The son, Giovanni Francesco Bernardone, later became world-renowned as Saint Francis of Assisi, and in 1210 founded the Franciscan Order, The Grey Friars.

At this time the surname Francis was very rare. However, the huge success of the Franciscan order increased the prestige and popularity of the name. Although the bearers of this old and distinguished family name have never comprised a large percentage of the population, a surprising number of them have gained world-wide recognition for their achievements.