Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Edition, 2015 Jersey Jack
Free shipping - latest run - built dec 2016. Call mike for best price. Or send email. Ask about free gift at time of order - new in box. Invisiglass & shaker motor. Authorized distributor - credit cards accepted. Can ship today.
Michael, Phone: (203) 877-0348
Milford, Connecticut 06460
Posted: 24 February 2018

Wizard of Oz, Emerald City Edition, 2015 Jersey Jack
Latest run - built dec 2016. Call mike for best price. Or send email. Ask about free gift at time of order - new in box. Invisiglass & shaker motor. Authorized distributor - credit cards accepted. Can ship today.
Michael, Phone: (203) 877-0348
Milford, Connecticut 06460
Posted: 24 February 2018

Wizard of Oz, Emerald City, Limited Edition, 2013 JJP: 8200
In mint condition with low plays and filled with tasteful mods. Including: invisiglass, shaker motor, ruby red shoe flippers, mirror side blades, flickering light cannons on tornado, flaming witch well, many figures added to playfield, Emerald City plastic on back wall, castle walls, green shooter rod. Prefer local sale so you can stop by and test out. Buyer is responsible for all shipping. Will consider trade for premium machine (ex. MM, MB, LoTR).
Rick, Phone: (301) 806-1073
Rockville, Maryland 20850
Posted: 6 September 2018

World Beauties, 1960 Gottlieb: 975.00
Here is another classic last of the woodrail games that is in very good condition overall. Plays as it should. Pics on request.
Steven Fein, Phone: (253) 709-7521
Spokane, Washington 99217
Posted: 20 September 2018

World Challenge Soccer, 1994 Gottlieb: $2200
World Challenge Soccer pinball machine all works great family friendly game cleaned waxed new rubbers. Contact me for more information and pictures.
Greg Peters
San Jose, California
Posted: 28 April 2018

World Challenge Soccer, 1994 Gottlieb: $2,400 OBO
Great pinball in very nice shape, has been gone all over. LED on playfied and backglass. Nice dot matrix display, nice playfield, cabinet is pretty nice. No broken plastics. Very rare machine in North America. Fun and fast. If spoken for could bring to Allentown.
Pierre, Phone: 514-239-3391
Rosemere, Quebec, Canada, J7A 1H4
Posted: 29 April 2018

World Cup Soccer, 1994 Bally: $3400
Recently serviced with LEDs installed in playfield and back box. Playfield and plastics cleaned and waxed. Good rubber. Strong dot matrix display display and flippers. Polished legs and leg bolts and levers with leg protectors installed. Custom instruction and free play cards. Cabinet and playfield in great shape. Original brass legs. Just plug and play. Shipping by Beltman/STI at buyer's expense. Other serviced pins for sale are as follows: Lethal Weapon 3, High Speed II Getaway, Elvira and The Party Monsters, Ghostbusters Premium with over $2500 in mods, Monopoly, Terminator 2, Jurassic Park and Striker Xtreme.
Hugh, Phone: 504 210 9448
Luling, Louisiana 70070
Posted: 1 December 2018

World Cup Soccer, 1994 Bally: $3800
Available for pickup in Raleigh, this beautiful looking and playing error-free machine was shopped in September. Many parts have been replaced, and it comes with many additional uninstalled new and rare new old stock parts. Photos and video available. Installed: new ColorDMD (add $300) full LEDs programmable multi-color and multi-pattern apron LED strip with remote control rock custom under-cabinet game-interactive RGB LEDs separate power supply in cabinet for mods Pinball Pro speakers new soccer ball and motor new lower right ramp/decals starburst pop caps NOS goalie target/decal new spinner/decals new stationary targets and decals Titan transparent rubber and black post sleeves many replaced plastics relatively new lock magnet new left ramp diverter soccer ball part painted to match cabinet (topper) new lockdown bar LED flipper buttons soccer ball shooter rod handle gold painted legs/casters clear cabinet protectors coin door WCS94 logo magnet decal promo plastic key fob new magnet-safe carbon steel balls (Ball Baron) uninstalled: back top ramp soccer ball LED-optimized ROM chip complete licensed plastics set + many extras target decals (2X goalie, free kick, striker) teal pop skirts/caps/lane dividers, springs goal/trough assembly + decals ramp and many other decals plastics protectors original shooter rod with new inner/outer springs long left ball guide and a couple more 3 goalie targets start button.
Raleigh, North Carolina 27612
Posted: 4 December 2018

World Cup Soccer, 1994 Bally: $5,500
Table was recently shopped by Pinball Clinic of Phoenixville, PA in 2016. The game has new legs, new soccer ball and motor, and new ramps. It is in fantastic condition considering the age of table. The cabinet and backglass are in great condition with no fade. Give me a call if you are interested and I can send you pics of the table.
Eric, Phone: 540-220-4026
Montross, Virginia
Posted: 21 July 2018

World Poker Tour, 2006 Stern: $4970
World Poker Tour with Vince Van Patton, Mike Sexton and Courtney was created just prior to the amazing hostess Kimberly Lansing. OK I'm partial to her, she's my daughter. And yes this pinball has a lot to offer the player. When we finish, it will have 100% LED lighting above and below playfield-and there are a lot of lights below the playfield to make this baby sparkle. It will undergo a complete rebuild where we replace any warn metal parts. The playfield will sparkle the exterior will sparkle, the bolts in the legs will be polished to a high gloss finish. No disappointments with this fast-moving game. Feel free to request additional photos and we will post the progress as this pinball undergoes a rebuild.
Michael Lansing, Phone: (760) 343-5177
Palm Desert, California 92211
Posted: 13 May 2018

Wrestlemania LE, 2015 Stern: 5300
This is the LE version, with the classic superstars, and Hulk Hogan autographed plaque. Brand new head decals included. Game is in excellent shape, everything works as it should.
Pete, Phone: 517-741-7234
Union City, Michigan 49094
Posted: 20 May 2018

Xenon, 1979 Bally: ?????
This machine has been just sitting for many years. The cabinet and backglass are really nice. The plastics are also nice. The playfield has some wear. It was not mylared. The MPU has battery damage, and will need to be replaced. Looking for a reasonable offer as-is. If shopped, it will be more expensive. I will wait about a month to see what kind of offers are available.
Daniel Tiemeyer, Phone: 316.262.1325
Wichita, Kansas 67213
Posted: 26 September 2018

Xenon, 1980 Bally: 4500
Completely restored. CPR gold playfield, fresh cabinet, new displays, boards, coin door, legs, plastics, tube, mint glass.
Ken White, Phone: (650) 400-0207
San Mateo 94401
Posted: 25 May 2018

X-men LE #211, 2012 Stern: 8970
X-men pinball is based on the comic books, which have a tremendous fan and collector following. The theme and art lend themselves to pinball. The art on this X-men pinball is fantastic, bright, different than any recent games. This game has a lot of mechanical action, with great devices, magnets, etc. Features of the Limited Edition game: unique powder coated colored side armor, legs, and trim unique metal lower arch with illuminated windows unique lower arch window colors: unique mirrored backglass high-definition color cabinet decals 'ice slide' motorized ramp transports ball from right to left side 2 pop-up 'night crawler' assemblies spinning disc with toggling blue and yellow flash lamps magnet located in spinning disc randomly accelerates ball LEDs to replace all incandescent bulbs separate red, blue, & white GI LEDs change playfield color 3 dome flash lamp assemblies traditional playfield slides traditional lockdown bar assembly certificate of authenticity designer-autographed playfield under hard coat numbered plaque (1-250 each model) custom-molded 'Wolverine' bash toy Wolverine playfield magnet activated by 'bash toy' and game rules orbit shot 'Magneto' ball diverter (into the back of the ball lock) 'magneto' dual up-post ball lock assembly custom-molded 'magneto' figurine 'power-scoop' ball ejector 3rd flipper (upper right) vertical up-kicker diverts ball onto left ramp 2 molded super speed ramps 2 hellfire targets (on left) 2 brotherhood targets (on right) 2 'light lock' targets 1 cyclops spinning target 3 super bright led pop bumpers 2 high-powered slingshots traditional country-specific coin door game-specific qr codes decal and leg protectors official game speech provided by marvel.
Michael Lansing, Phone: (760) 343-5177
Palm Desert, California 92211
Posted: 13 May 2018

X-men Limited, 2012 Stern: $5,500
Selling a beautiful X-men Limited Edition Magneto pinball machine (#227/250 made). Playfield is in great condition (and autographed by the game designer) and the cabinet is in perfect condition, no fading or wear whatsoever. LEDs throughout. Only mod I've made is adding the newton ball switch under Wolverine, it completely opens up the Beast and Xavier shots making a huge difference in gameplay. Other than that the game's exactly as I bought it. Never routed. Buyer is responsible for pick-up or delivery but I'm happy to help facilitate either option as best I can.
Tampa, Florida
Posted: 6 March 2018

X-men Pro, 2011 Stern: 4000
Very nice. I believe I am the third owner, the guy I bought it from said he didn't know if it was HUO or not, he had bought used from a dealer/distributor in Colorado and didn't ask at the time whether it was or not (evidently this particular dealer routed games or something, so I'm assuming it was probably routed for a short time even though I can't really see evidence that it was). Has LEDs and Pinball Pro speaker setup, nice game overall. I'm basically looking to trade this plus cash for: Metallica Pro, Game of Thrones Pro, Walking Dead Pro, Aerosmith Pro, AFM, or just sell it outright.
Kansas City, Kansas
Posted: 26 January 2018

X-men Pro, 2012 Stern: 6295
We have one for 6295 and one for 6995 that has some upgrades to subwoofer, lighting and side blades.
Kim Nelson, Phone: (760) 343-5177
Palm Desert, California 92211
Posted: 12 September 2018

X-men Pro, 2012 Stern: 6970
Michael Lansing, Phone: (760) 343-5177
Palm Desert, California 92211
Posted: 13 May 2018

Yacht Club (bingo), 1953 Bally: make an offer
Never shopped, seems complete except for a homemade front wooden coin rail. Backglass is really great except a strip running towards the top. Email for pics.
John Roeder, Phone: (317) 491-4975
Westfield, Indiana 46074
Posted: 6 February 2018

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