Introduction to Nathaniel Wyeth's Journals and Correspondance


Nathaniel Jarvis Wyeth organized and led two expeditions to the fur country, with the purpose of establishing a fur trapping business to compete with the entrenched companies.

Bibliographical Information

Wyeth's papers were originally published as:
The correspondence and journals of Captain Nathaniel J. Wyeth, 1831-6. Eugene, Ore., University Press, 1899. (Sources of the History of Oregon: v. 1, pts. 23-6)

A more recent edition is: The Journals of Captain Nathaniel J. Wyeth's Expeditions to the Oregon Country 1831-1836. Don Johnson, ed. Fairfield, Washington. Ye Galleon Press. 1984

Links to the N. Wyeth Documents

  • First Journal, 1832 Expedition
  • Second Journal, 1834 Expedition
  • Correspondence