The Cat Who Lives at the Algonquin Hotel

In the 1930's, a scruffy cat wandered into the luxurious Algonquin Hotel in New York City, New York looking for a handout. The staff gave him more than a good meal: they gave her a permanent home.  And there has been a cat-in-residence at the Algonquin ever since.  Male cats have been named Hamlet (John Barrymore named the original cat) and female cats have been named Mathilda.

The current resident cat, Mathilda, has the run of the property except for dining areas and the kitchen, but she prefers to watch the comings and goings of visitors in the lobby.  Mathilda has her own miniature chaise lounge just to the left of the entrance, though some have reported that she prefers to sleep in a luggage cart..

Each year, the Algonquin holds a birthday party for Mathilda.  In 2002, at her 7th birthday party with 150 close friends, she made her mark by jumping onto her cake then walked out of the room, leaving doughy cat prints in her wake.

The Algonquin cat has been immortalized in a children's book - The Algonquin Cat - and a 24-karat gold pendant.  Mathilda has her own Facebook page and even has her own email address.

MathildaIn 2008, Mathilda made sweeping changes at the Algonquin, when she designed a program that opened the doors of the historic Algonquin hotel to other felines and furry friends for the first time in the property’s history. 
Pet guests are greeted with a “purrrsonalized” welcome kit including a letter from Matilda, litter box (waste bags and latex gloves for the humans), food and water bowls, floor mat, and a list of available services.

From the Algonquin's website and various news releases

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