The Best Cat Toys
This article written by Glenda Moore

The best cat toy is one that has a person at the other end.  Interactive toys provide for more satisfying play time - for both companion and pet - than any other type of toy.

Cat Toy

Almost always, the fishing pole/wand-type toy will entice any cat into a rollicking chase complete with leaps and somersaults.  These toys are typically made of a lightweight plastic or wooden pole that you hold in one hand.  The other end has a string or elastic, colorful or plain, with an array of alluring feathers, ribbons, mice, or bells attached that can be dangled in front of the cat.   The pole is usually 18" to 20" long, with the cord slightly longer than that.  Sometimes feathers are attached directly to the end of the wand, without a cord.

Cat toys
The enticement at the end could be brightly colored maribou stork feathers dyed in a variety of rainbow hues to catch the eye:  blue, green, pink, purple, red and yellow. 

Drag the toy across the floor until the cat goes after it - then raise it up off the floor so the cat can stretch and leap for it and get a good cardiac workout.  Be sure to let him catch the bird occasionally and bring it to the floor and 'kill' it, as that replicates normal cat behavior.

Some interactive wand toys also make sounds:  chirps, squeaks, etc.  Of course, there will also be the sound of laughter in the room, since you will be enjoying playing with your cat.  Make time to do this every day; you and your cat will be happier for it.

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