The Cat Who Comforts the Dying

BuckwheatBuckwheat, a feline resident at the Providence Mount St. Vincent nursing home in West Seattle, knows when a patient is about to die and attempts to provide comfort, nurses claim.

In 2004, Buckwheat was given to the retirement home by his owner, who was dying and unable to care for him.  He is one of several resident cats at Providence Mount St. Vincent.

In the ensuing years, Buckwheat has comforted several dozen dying patients while they crossed over.  Thirteen years old in 2009, he is now in failing health himself. 

Nurse Manager Brenda Jennings said Buckwheat will "climb in bed with the person, curl up next to them, nuzzle them, nap with the person and he'll stay with them through that dying process."

"Buckwheat often will stay until the mortician comes," said Jennings.

Resident Tilly Pfeffer said Buckwheat is no grim reaper, but a furry little angel. "I think it's wonderful how an animal can be such a true friend."

Info from First Coast News and the West Seattle Blog

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