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Do not link directly to any images on our server! Care buttons/banners may be used on ANY web site, but may not be added to graphics collections. These are all original creations by Glenda Moore. Please display our button or banner on your website if you use these graphics.  Click for info.

Nothing matches the unconditional love of an animal who wants only to please us. Our pets are sometimes our first and best friends. We're calmed by our cats' purrs, revitalized by our dog's energy, and warmed by the love offered without reservation by our animal companions.

You might want to use one or more of the buttons and banners below to show how you feel about these wonderful creatures. While they will work as stand-alone buttons and banners, you might want to link them to an informational website such as lisaviolet's Special Interests or Pawprints and Purrs' Cats Voice Around the World.

You can "win" an additional button by playing the I Can't Keep This Cat Because ... game here at CatStuff.

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