This car stops suddenly to look at cats, dogs, birds, and anything else that is moving.
(written by Glenda Moore)
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If I had a bumper sticker on my car, the above is what it would say.  Why, you ask?  Because Libby, my youngest cat, LOVES to go for a ride in the car.

Every other evening, she comes over to tell me it's time to go for a ride.  I get up, go into the kitchen, and take my keys out my purse.  She jumps up on the table and positions herself so I can scoop her up with one hand.  Then, we're off!

We drive slowly (10 mph or less) around the several blocks of the neighborhood.  She is all eyes, watching everything intently.  We both look for birds (her favorite thing), other cats, and dogs.  When we happen upon something interesting, I pull the car over and we sit and watch for a while.  She chatters at the birds, and makes me laugh.

The whole experience is delightful for both of us - I grin from ear to ear whenever a neighbor sees Libby's face in the car window; it's clear to them at first glance that we are on a "tour."  Neighbors walking their dogs have stopped, bent down and tried to persuade their dog to look up at the car (most of them are too dumb to pay attention; they are dogs, of course, so we forgive them for their lack of inspiration).


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