The Cat Who Was Summoned for Jury Duty

Anna and Guy Esposito share a house in Boston, Massachusetts, with Sal Esposito, and, since he was "a member of the family," listed Sal in the 2010 Census.  Anna reportedly listed Sal's name under 'pets' -- she crossed out 'dogs' and said he was a cat.  

n early 2011, Sal received a letter requesting that he report for jury duty. 

Sal EsposidoAnna promptly submitted a request to have Sal disqualified, reporting that he is unable to speak or understand English.  She also submitted a letter from her vet explaining that Sal is not a human being and that Sal is a "domestic short-haired neutered feline."

The jury commissioner rejected the request, and responded with a letter stating that Sal needed to report for jury duty at Suffolk Superior Court on March 23, 2011.

Anna said if the issue isn't cleared up by then, she will have to bring the cat to court.

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