The Cat Who Plays the Piano

Nora at the pianoNora is a gray tabby cathas become famous for "tapping" the piano. Nora, who was adopted from a  was named after the artist Leonora Carrington. Nora was rescued from a shelter in New Jersey.  In the middle of the night when she was a year old, Nora climbed up onto the bench in front of a Yamaha Disklavier piano and began to play.

Since then, Nora has continued to play the piano every day.  She sometimes plays duets with her owner and her owner's students, but she also plays when she's alone.  She seems to prefer the Disklavier, and plays in the D-E-F range on the keyboard.

There are a few videos of Nora playing the piano on YouTube.

Lithuanian conductor, composer and artist Mindaugas Pie
čaitis composed and directed a Catcerto for Nora The Piano Cat™ and orchestra, where Nora, the soloist, was brought in via video.  You can view the video at the Catcerto home page.


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