An Unlikely Conversation
(written by Terry Herrin in a reply to Glenda Moore on Software Creations BBS)
Please do NOT copy or redistribute this article.

Bart: "I'd like to upgrade my Siamese to an Abyssinian."
Clerk: "Do you want a red or a tan Abby?"
Bart: "I dunno. Is there a difference besides the color?"
Clerk: "Well, the red one is faster, but costs quite a bit more. Personally, I don't think it's worth it. The price/performance isn't as good as the tan one."
Bart:  "Do you think I need that extra speed?"
Clerk: "Depends on what you're getting it for. Any big dogs near your house?"
Bart: "Yes."
Clerk:  "Well then, you'd better go ahead and get the red one. Unless you want to save money and get the tan. The tan is upgradable to the red later. We offer our "Red Dye Overdrive Kit" for $100. Seventy percent increase in performance."
Bart:  "Let's go with a tan one."
Clerk "Ok. That's gonna run you $400. What size litter box do you have?"
Bart: "10x12 inches."
Clerk: "You're gonna have to replace it with a bigger one."
Bart: "Why?"
Clerk:  "A Siamese litterbox won't handle the demands of an Abby. You need at least a 14x16."
Bart:  "Okay, how much is that gonna cost?"
Clerk: "$20. You're also gonna need a second water bowl."
Bart:  "I am?"
Clerk: "An Abby tends to run hotter than a Siamese. A second water bowl will keep the cat from overheating: $10."
Bart: "I'll take it."
Clerk: "You weren't planning on putting that Abby in the same carrier as the Siamese, were you?"
Bart: "Uh...yeah.
Clerk: "Not a good idea. The Abby might not fit, and even if it does you'd probably want a bigger carrier for better air circulation."
Bart (sigh)"How much?"
Clerk:  "$100."
Bart:  "Okay. Boy, I'm almost buying a whole new cat setup."
Clerk: "Well, you can still use the same brushes, shampoo and cat toys."
Bart: "True. So, what do I do with the Siamese?"
Clerk: "We don't take trade-ins. Maybe you can sell it."


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