The Cat Who Had a Credit Card

Messiah Campbell was considered a good enough credit risk to be given a card with a $4200 limit -- which was surprising, considering he's a cat.

His Melbourne owner Katherine Campbell wanted to test the limits of her bank's identity screening process and applied for the Visa credit card on Messiah's behalf. She already had a credit card with the bank and wanted to see whether a second card for the same account would be approved for Messiah.

She filled out an additional credit card application form in Messiah's name, including his address and age, and sent it to the bank. Ms Campbell said the bank requested identification from Messiah but days later sent him a credit card without receiving any proof of identification.

Ms Campbell said the envelope containing her cat's credit card, the letter inside and the credit card itself were all addressed to Messiah Campbell.

A Bank of Queensland spokeswoman said the credit card had been issued to the cat in error. "We have investigated the issue and it appears the bank has made an error," she said. "We apologise as this should not have happened."


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