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Donation Projects for Charitable Organizations

In December 2008, at the request of Hurricane Pets Rescue animal welfare organization, I created a Christmas tree graphic with an assortment of ornaments and gift boxes.  When people donated money, they would pick an ornament to display on the tree.  The organization created Paypal buttons to accept donations, sent out some emails and soon that tree was full of ornaments!

Since that worked so well for them, I thought other organizations might benefit, plus I thought a variety of promotions would make giving more interesting.  So, I've made an assortment of possible promotions: the Christmas tree
(each donation puts a different ornament on the tree) (also separate Hannukah page for Jewish donations); a summer tree (each donation puts an apple or bird on the tree), a fall tree (each donation puts a fall leaf on the tree; and two puzzles (each donation "turns over" a puzzle piece.  Links to the sample pages are in the left column below; links to the zipped package that contains all the pieces for the promotion is in the right column below.

You will need to (a) have a Paypal account (and/or provide a mailing address) and (b) use a web editor to add appropriate text on the page, add the images, and create the "alt" text that shows when a person hovers over the image.  A credit link back to CatStuff would be appreciated, but is not required.

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