The Cats Who Predict Seizures

Tee Cee's owner Michael Edmonds, of Sheffield, has complex epilepsy and can suffer seizures without warning.  But now he is warned of an impending fit when Tee Cee sits close to him and stares at his face.

"When he first did it I thought it was a one-off," Mr Edmonds said. "But ever since then he just seems to know."  His wife Jean said: "We couldn't comprehend it at first. It took us a while to cotton on to it because it was so peculiar."

Samantha Laidler said the faithful feline had become a lifeline for her step-father.

She said: "My step-father has complex epilepsy as well as other health problems and is unable to go out on his own as he can have seizures without warning.

"We noticed that Tee Cee began staring at my step-father prior to a seizure and then ran to my mother to let her know all is not well, acting as an early warning system.

"Once assistance arrives, Tee Cee doesn't leave Michael's side until he regains consciousness and his warnings have proved invaluable to the family."

From BBC News, June 2006

After a traumatic brain injury 20 years ago that left her in a coma for a month, Nancy Bronsteen became susceptible to seizures. 

She presently has two cats.  One of them - Valentine - is especially tuned in to when Nancy going to have a seizure. Valentine will run toward Nancy, vocalize, and run around her.  She also alerts Nancy's husband.

Pal Lilliput is also aware when Nancy is going to have a seizure: she runs toward Nancy just before they happen.

Both cats are waiting quietly at Nancy's side when she wakes up.

From an email to CatStuff, July 2009

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