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A girl lives on the 4th floor of an apartment and even though it is a fairly good neighborhood, she has been having trouble with a Peeping Tom  that lives next door.                                                     
Every time she went out on her balcony to catch a bit of sun while wearing her bikini, this Peeping Tom looks over from his balcony as soon as she removes her top and stares at her.                                        
She has complained to the superintendent about this Peeping Tom, but he   says she must have positive proof before he can do a thing --             
She FINALLY got a picture of him while he was staring at her. ... ->

Jack is a 10-year-old orange-and-white tabby.

And when the 15-pound cat spotted the bear in a neighbor's yard last Sunday, the clawless* kitty took action.

The bear scurried up a tree and eyed the cat for 10 to 15 minutes, while Jack stared and hissed from the ground.

The bruin inched its way down before jumping off and running away.

But Jack chased the bear into the brush and up another tree.

That's when Jack's owner realized what was happening and called her cat inside.

(June 2006)
* Please read my article:  What about declawing?

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