Funny Cat Photos

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"She won't let me sleep in the bed, so I have to make do."
Timex, sent in by companion Erin

Timex is a big 20 lbs; sent in by companion Erin

"I'm a little tired.  Remove that from my face, please."
Sent in by Kathryn

"Where's the beer??"
Fat Cat, sent in by companion (Chills?)

Gizzie, submitted by companion Patricia

From Patricia:  "The cat lying in the litter box, that was his first nite in his new home.  I picked him up right in front of me a full size pickup ran him over. So we werent sure if he would even last. Well he did. He is really quite a cat." 

The second photo show a more grown-up Bandit, who is doing very well.

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