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Tummy full .... too tired to stay awake!

"Boots" and a moose *

What happens when you have 1) nothing to do,
2) a sharp knife, 3) a large lime, 4) a patient cat, 5) too much tequila, 6) and it's football season?

Now that's definitely the cat's meow!
Frankie sent in by owner, Stacy from Illinois.

Contented ...

"Lucie In The Grass" sent in by her owner Heidi-- Minneapolis, Minnesota
(and yes, the owner used image-editing software)

* 8/2005:  I received an email about this photo (originally labeled as "Moose and Fluffy") from a surprised visitor named Charlene.  The photograph was taken by her father-in-law in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, as he was going out to shovel snow.  The young moose had gotten loose from a wildlife farm very near to his home.

* 12/12/2005:  Seems there is a contradictory story yet again about the moose and cat; this is from an email today: "The information about this picture on your webpage is totally wrong.  I lived in Anchorage, Alaska for 18 years and this picture was taken by Bill XXXXX in front of his house in Anchorage, Alaska.  Bill is a teacher in the Anchorage School system and the moose is one of the local wild Moose that wonder around subdivision areas because the housing areas are very close to wild tracts of land.  Just thought you would like to know the true story.  If you would like to verify my story just contact Bill's mother ....  By the way, she also has wild Moose walking around her house.  Dick"

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