Funny Cat Photos

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"Whoa!  What is THAT!??"

"I'm NOT a towel, so don't wipe your paws on me!"

Seems as though Tigger likes to play on the bed while Mom Tina changes the sheets.
One day Tigger was covered up with sheets and blankets for several hours.
Mom Tina found him under the blankets doing what cats do - sleeping.
He also likes to pose for the camera. The photo was edited for contrast and color.
Tigger, sent in by companion Ken

"If you're going to take a picture, move the camera a little to the left."
Roo, sent in by companion Abby

"C'mon, I'm sleepin' here!"
Photo of Cloudy as he is basking in the sun,
sent in by companion Abby

This stray cat is named Stripes. He ruined the flowers,
but made a cute photo.
Sent in by Ken

Peek a boo - I see you!

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