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GAMES (online)

Note that you must be using a contemporary java-enabled browser to play these games.  Also note that some of the pages may be a little slow to load. 

Once you've played these games, you might visit Chad Frick's website to play Suburban Cat Herder, Cat and Mouse, and Zen Cat Box.

Tons of cat games are available at the website Cat Games.

And provides a unique online game which allows users to raise, show, and breed their own virtual show cats.


PROJECTS (print out)
  • Cat bookmarks - 12 bookmarks with cats that you can print out on heavy paper and give as gifts or keep.
  • Cat greeting card - print out the page, fold the sheet in half vertically, then in half horizontally.
  • Catty - print out, cut on the lines, fold and insert tabs, and make your own tiny cat.
  • Coloring page - print out page and color in.

Most java courtesy The Applet Depot, Jake's Web Page, and Steve White's Games. Mouse trail javascript courtesy Philip Winston.  Crossword Puzzle courtesy Andrei Grigoriev.  Hangman courtesy Mike McGrath.  TicTacToe from The Javascript Source; graffiti wall courtesy; aquarium courtesy Mick's Programming Page; 3D Maze courtesy James L. Dean.  The hardest jigsaw puzzle and the goldfish bowl are from Javascript Boutique; Box-In courtesy Herb Hasler

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