Gallery of Albert Bierstadt
Gallery of Albert Bierstadt Paintings

                      BierstadtAlbert Bierstadt (1830-1902) is best known for his spectacular landscapes of the unsettled west.  He was born in Germany, and was two years old when his family emigrated to America and settled in New Bedford, Massachusetts. 

Beginning in 1859, he made three trips west, each time making oil sketches on paper. When he returned to his studio, he used these sketches and oil studies to paint huge, detailed panoramic views (some 6 feet by 10 feet) of Western scenery. His paintings emphasized the spectacular landscapes, sometimes exaggerating what he had seen and changing a few details to make the scene more interesting.

At the height of his career, he lived in a mansion on the Hudson; but his work fell out of favor, the mansion burned, and he died in New York City flat broke.

I have admired the work of Albert Bierstadt for years, so I created this section of my website as a tribute. Though the emphasis of the site is on his paintings, this page contains a very brief timeline, some trivia, and a view from two stereoscope cards that show Bierstadt painting at an Indian camp. Author Davd M. Delo has also generously provided a biographical sketch.  

Though there are over 1,000 paintings displayed on these "walls," this gallery is not intended to be a complete nor definitive collection of his works, and some images here may only have been 'attributed' to Bierstadt elsewhere.  For serious research, invest in one or more of the artist information websites.  The "storage room" houses additional black and white scans.

You can purchase prints of his works at many places, though many paintings are available only in private collections or in museums. has over 200 Albert Bierstadt prints available for sale. Likewise, has about 200 Albert Bierstadt prints for sale.  Both sites can frame the print for you with your choice of molding and matts; can transfer it to artist canvas as well.

Or, you can commission a reproduction masterpiece that is hand painted by an experienced artist -- at a reasonable price.  No digital or printing techniques are used - this is a real painting.  At Ocean's Bridge, you can choose from about 150 paintings (or even request a painting), choose the size, molding and matt -- and shipping is free.

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Delta, Colorado author and resident David M. Delo has published his most recent historical novel, The Heroic Journey of Albert Bierstadt: Artist-Priest of the West (it's a VERY good book!). 

Albert Bierstadt was a handsome, powerful, self-made man who became the highest-paid and most controversial artist in American after the Civil War. He was also a failed hero. At the height of his career in the mid-1860s, he sold 6’x 10’canvasses for up to $30,000, introducing the drama of the Rocky Mountains and Yosemite Valley to the world. But he stole a friend’s wife, turned his back on his art critics and peers, and became an haute bourgeoisie. So the gods abandoned him, and he lost everything. First the world of art left him, then his beautiful wife contracted tuberculosis. He lost his reputation and income; his house burned, his wife died and then he went bankrupt. When he died nobody remembered him. In the 1960s, however, his work was rediscovered, and now his sketches sell for five and six figures, and large canvasses not already in museums sell for ten and twenty million.

You can purchase the printed book or purchase in e-book form.  Contact David for more information.

Among the Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
After A Norther, Bahamas
A Rustic Mill
Bahamas Harbor
Roman Fish Market, Arch of Octavius
Cho-Looke, Yosemite Falls
Beach Scene
Alaskan Coast Range
Bridal Veil Falls, Yosemite
Canadian Rockies
Buffalo Trail (The Impending Storm)
California Spring
The Domes of the Yosemite Valley
Rocky Mountain Sheep
Rocky Mountain Big Horns
Scene in the Rocky Mountains
Salem Landscape
Salmon Fishing on the Cascapediac
Salmon Fishing on the Northwest Coast
Mount Vesuvius at Midnight
(Mount Aetna)
Mountain House
Mountain Scene
Mounted Trapper
Mount Shasta
, California
On the Pacific Coast, California
Overlook Mountain from Olana
Profile Study of a Brown Cow
Panoramic View, Harbor Nassau, Bahamas
Mountain Lake
Rowing off the Rocks
Shady Pool, White Mountains, New Hampshire
Sneffel's Peak, Colorado
Stormy Lake Scene (Pacific Northwest)
Studies of Bison
Study of a Buffalo
Sunset in the Nebraska Territory
The Conflagration
Looking Down Yosemite Valley (Yosemite Valley, Yellowstone Park)
Lake Lucerne, Switzerland
The Rocky Mountains, Landers Peak (Indian Encampment)
Last of the Buffalo

In the Mountains
Merced River, Yosemite Valley
Autumn Woods
Mirror Lake, Yosemite Valley
Mountain out of the Mist
Mount Adams, Washington
The Mountain Brook
The Plains near Fort Laramie
Mountain Lake
Street in Nassau
Storm Among the Alps
Sunset on the Lake
The Fishing Fleet
over the River
Sunrise on Mount Tacoma

Nassau Harbor
Near Salt Lake City, Utah
Niagara Falls (Niagara or Waterfall and Rainbow over Niagara Falls)

Nevada Falls
The Island
The Oregon Trail (
Emigrants Crossing the Plains)
Passing Storm over the Sierra Nevadas
A Rest on the Ride
Rainbow over the Sierra Nevadas
River Landscape
Puget Sound, on the Pacific Coast
Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Valley, California
Sunset over New York
Sunset in California - Yosemite
Sunset over a Mountain Lake
German Costume Study - Seated Peasant Woman
Sunset on the Mountain
The Wave
The Valley Floor

Rocky Mountain Lake
Storm in the Rocky Mountains, Mount Rosalie
The Shore of the Turquoise Sea
Sierra Nevada Morning
Sierras Near Lake Tahoe
Sierra Nevada
San Francisco Bay
Estes Park
Storm on the Matterhorn
Sundown at Yosemite
Sunlight and Shadow
Sunset Glow
Surveyors Wagon in the Rockies
Sweetwater River, Wind River Mountains

The Three Sisters
The Open Glen, New England
The Wetterhorn
The Weather Rock
Two Deer in a Landscape
View of Baltimore's Washington Monument

The Buffalo Head
Wind River Mountains, Nebraska Territory
View of Parliament Buildings from the Grounds
Wasatch Mountains, Nebraska
White Mountains, New Hampshire
Wind River Country
The Great Trees, Mariposa Grove, California
The Wetterhorn
Looking up Yosemite Valley
Yosemite Winter Scene
Salt Lake City, Wasatch Mountains, Uintah Range
Wreck of the "Ancon" in Loring Bay, Alaska
Lower Falls, Yellowstone
White Mountains, New Hampshire
Twin Peaks, Rockies
Trees, Rocks, and Moss
Tropical Coast
Valley in King's Canyon
Upcoming Storm
Tyrolean Landscape

Sacramento River Valley
Moat Mountain, Intervale, New Hampshire
The Wolf River, Kansas
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite
North Fork of the Platte, Nebraska
Marina Piccola, Capri (
Marina Grande)
Guerrilla Warfare (Pocket Duty in Virginia)

Lake in Yosemite
Valley of the Yosemite
Across the Prairie
Ruins of Paestum
Swiss Mountain Scene
River Scene (1858)
Wasatch Mountains
Wasatch Mountains, Utah
View of the Grindelwald
Buffalo Country
Greater San Francisco Area (Mountain Glade and Mountain Resort)
Swiss Mountain Cabin
Stream in the Rocky Mountains
The Old Mill
Sunset in the Yosemite Valley
Sunrise in the Sierras
View of the Rocky Mountains
Thunderstorm in the Rocky Mountains
Yosemite Valley
The Merced River in Yosemite
Vernal Falls
The Trappers' Camp
Sierra Nevadas
Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point Trail
Yosemite Valley
Wisconsin Sunset
Western Landscape
Western Landscape
Prairie Landscape
Western Kansas
Western Trail, The Rockies

The Buffalo Trail
The Matterhorn
Indians Traveling near Fort Laramie
Cathedral Forest
Old Faithful, Yellowstone
Mount Brewer, Kings River Canyon
Southern Sierras from near Camp Independence
Sierra Nevada (from the Head of Carson River)
Bear Necessities
Lower Yellowstone Falls
The Bombardment of Fort Sumter
Yosemite Valley
Westphalian Landscape
Woodland Interior, Catskills
Woodland Scene, Early Autumn
Yellowstone Park
Breaking Spray

Along the Hudson
Western Landscape
Grizzly Bears

Four Indians
Mount Jefferson
Peaceful Valley

Lower Yosemite Valley
Giant Redwood Trees of California
Boats Ashore at Sunset
Splendour of the Grand Tetons
Mount Hood, Oregon
The Morteratsch Glacier,
Upper Engadine Valley, Pontresina
Blue Mountain and Lake
View of San Francisco Coast "Black Point"
Bernese Alps
Beach at Nassau
Bakers Beach, San Francisco
Autumn Landscape

Pioneers of the Woods
Canadian Rockies (Lake Louise)
Italian Lake Scene
Bahama Cove
Wooded Landscape
View of the Hudson Looking Across the Tappan Zee
Palm Tree, Nassau
Multonah Falls
The Ambush
Buffalo Hunt
On the Merced River
Mariposa Indian Encampment
Bahamian View
Autumn Landscape, The Catskills
Autumn Landscape
Autumn in America, Oneida County, New York
Among the Bernese Alps
Approaching Thunderstorm on the Hudson River

South Front of the White House
Sioux Camp near Laramie Peak
Waterfall, Minnehaha Falls, Minnesota
Grizzly Bear
Clouds Coming over the Plains
Echo Lake, Franconia Mountains
Upper Falls of the Yellowstone
On the Plains
Lake Tahoe, California
Rocky Mountains
Kings River Canyon, California
El Capitan, Yosemite Valley
Evening on the Prairie
A Quiet Pond
Approaching Storm
Alaska Sunset
A View in the Bahamas
A View from Sacramento
A Study of Snow-Capped Mountains
A Mountain Stream

Twilight, Lake Tahoe
The Halt In A Valley, South America
Pines in Winter
Autumn in Conway Meadows, Looking Towards Mount Washington
Foothills, Rocky Mountains
Mountain Vista
Hanabach, Westphalia, Germany
Cloud Effects over Estes Park, California
Canoe by the Edge of the River
Forest Monarchs
Boston Harbor at Night
Autumn in the Sierras (Kings River Canyon)
Western River
Mount Sir Donald, Asulkan Glacier
A Snow-Covered Peak
A River Estuary
Seal Rocks off Pacific Coast
Seal Rock, California
Ocean Pool, Parralan Islands
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Horse in the Wilderness
Morning in the Rocky Mountains
The Rocky Mountains - Longs Peak
On the Platte River, Nebraska
Westphalia, Germany
Wind River Country
The Overland Trail
New England [Autumn] Landscape
The Cascades, a Western Landscape
Mount Rosalie and Mount Evans, Colorado
Indian Camp
Passaic River
Three Hunters Stalking a Big Horn Sheep in Snow
Mormon Boy, Salt Lake City
Mont Blanc
Mountain Silhouette
Four Rainbows Over Niagara Falls
Moose Hunters' Camp, Nova Scotia
Rocky Mountain Sheep
Yellowstone Lake

Light in the Forest
Liberty Cap, Yosemite
Landscape - Hill and Dale
Landscape with Trees and Lake
Landscape with Distant Mountains
Landscape with Cows
Landscape Study, Yosemite California
Landscape, New Hampshire
Lake Tahoe
Lake in the Rockies
Kings River Grove of Big Trees
Italian Hunter
Island of New Providence
Indians Spear Fishing
Harbor and Masted Ship
Montague Bay and St. Matthew's Church, Nassau
Canadian Rockies Asulkan Glacier
Bay of Monterey
Deer in a Landscape
Black Horse
Indian Scout
Study of a Priest
In the Foothills of the Rockies (I
n the Foothills of the Mountains)
Irvington Woods
Moonlit Landscape
Kern's River Valley, California
In the Big Horn Mountains
High in the Mountains
Headwaters of  the Green River
Halt at the Campsite, Yosemite
Green Mountains, Vermont
Grand Tetons
Golden Light of California
Evening at Owens Lake, California
In the Foothills
Lake Mary, California
Moonlit Landscape
Ferns and Rocks on an Embankment
On the Saco

Forest Scene
Fishing from a Canoe
Fishing Boats
Fisherman by Campfire
Figures in Hudson River Landscape
Expansive Landscape with Mountains
Elk Grazing
Elk Feeding at First Light, Yosemite
Deer at Sunset
Days Beginning
Cows Watering in a Landscape
Courtyard of a Manor House
Coastal View, Newport
Coastal Scene
Rainbow over a Fallen Stag
Rhone Valley
Rocca de Secca
Cadillac Mountain, Bar Harbor, Maine
Staubbach Falls near Lauterbrunnen, Switzerland
Mount Saint Helens, Columbia River, Oregon

Coastal Scene
Cloud Study, San Francisco
Clam Diggers
Cathedral Rock, a Yosemite View
Canoe on a Lake
Campfire, Yosemite Valley, California
Cascading Falls
Call of the Wild
California Oaks
California Coast
Buffalo on the Plains
Buffalo Hunt
Buffalo Herd
Landscape with Snow-Capped Mountains
Landscape with Deer (View of Estes Park,  Colorado)
Mount Washington
Sailboats on the Hudson at Irvington
Campfire Site, Yosemite
Sunset Deer and River

Men in Two Canoes
Lowering at Dusk
Longs Peak, Estes Park, Colorado
Mono Lake, Sierra Nevada
Montmorenci Falls, Quebec
Mount Hood, Oregon
Mountain Landscape
Mountain Lake
Mountain Canoeing
Mountain Scene
Western Sunrise
Mountain Peaks
Mountain Landscape
By a Mountain Lake
The Columbia River, Oregon
Indian Summer on the Hudson River
California Sunset
Island Lake, Wind River Range, Wyoming

West Indies Coast Scene

Beach at Nassau
Mounted Indian in Sunset
On the Trail to Vernal Falls
Nevada Falls, Yosemite
Natures Paradise
Niagara Falls
On the Lake
On the Hudson near Irvington
Rising Mist
Rainy Day in Autumn, Massachusetts
Peaks in the Rockies
Mountain Landscape
Rocky Mountains
Old Faithful

Old Faithful

Florida Scene
The Grand Tetons
Indian Encampment, Late Afternoon

The Sierra Nevadas
Pikes Peak
Cathedral Rocks
Sunset over the River
Blue and White Cloud
Conway Valley, New Hampshire
Sunset in the Rockies
Rocky Mountains (with Lake)
Conway Meadows, New Hampshire
Forest Sunrise
An Indian Encampment
White Mountain Lake
Indian Fisherman
Forest Stream
Indians Fishing
Lake Tahoe, Spearing Fish by Torchlight
Landscape, Rockland County, California
Mountain Mist
Rocky Mountain Goats

Sea Cove
Sunset on the Prairies
The Fallen Tree
The Golden Gate
Tropical Landscape with Fishing Boats in the Bay
Chimney Rock (Ogalillalh Sioux Village in Foreground)
Wharf Scene
with Ship at Dock
Yosemite Valley, Twin Peaks
Nebraska on the Plains
Bears in the Wilderness
Deer in a Clearing
Deer in a Field
Fishing Station on Watch Hill
Mountainous Landscape
Seaweed Harvesting
A Native of the Woods
Bavarian Landscape (
The Red Barn)
Bison with Coyotes in the Background
Cathedral Rock in Yosemite in Winter
Chimney Rock

Deer in a Mountain Field
Emerald Sea
Evening Glow at Lake Louise
Falls of Niagara from Below
Woodland Interior
On the Plains, Sunset
On the Sweetwater Near Devil's Gate
Oregon Trail (Campfire)
Toward the Setting Sun
Scene in the Tyrol
Snow-capped Mountain at Twilight
South and North Moat Mountains
Study for Gosnold at Cuttyhunk

Study for Yosemite Valley Glacier Point Trail
Sunrise over Forest and Grove
Sunset on the Coast
White Horse and Sunset
Wind River, Wyoming

Autumn View in Waterville, Oneida County, New York
Blue Skies White Mountains, New Hampshire
California Coast
Camp Independence, Colorado
Costume Study of a Seated Woman
Deep in the Rockies
Discovery of the Hudson River
Entrance into Monterey
Evening on Oneida Lake
Fir Trees and Storm Clouds
Five Portraits of North American Indians
Geysers in Yellowstone Park
Hunting Scene
Moose in a Forest Glen (
King of the Forest)
Inyo County California
Italian Costume Studies
Lakeshore in Northern Italy (
Boating on the Lake, Northern Italy)
Wagon Train
Wagon Train

Mount Corcoran
Seal Rock
Seals on the Rocks, Farallon Islands
View of Donner Lake, California
The Falls of St. Anthony (Mississippi)
Donner Lake from the Summit
Fishing Boats at Capri
Antelope Grazing
Yosemite Valley

Hetch Hetchy Canyon
Haying in Conway Meadows
Hetch Hetchy Valley
Sunlit Forest (Merced River, Yosemite Valley)
Upper Rapids Niagara Falls
Snow-Capped Peaks
Seals on the Rocks at Farallon
Scene in the Sierra Nevada
Sunrise at Glacier Station
Mountain Tops and Firs
The Grizzly Giant Sequoia, Mariposa Grove, California
Elk Grazing in the Wind River Country
The Emerald Pool
High Sierras near Big Tree Grove, Kings River
Kings Canyon
The Landing of Columbus
Mount Tamalpais
Rocky Mountains
The Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Cascading Falls at Sunset
Geyser, Yellowstone Park
Gosnold at Cuttyhunk
Sunrise, Yosemite Valley
A Rocky Cove
Coastal Scene, California Coast
Hetch Hetchy Valley
Homestead in the Rocky Mountains
Making Camp
Mount Rainier
Mountain Landscape, Wind River Range
Wall 27
Landscape Study, Owens Valley
Snowy Mountain Peaks
Storm in the Rocky Mountains
Twilight over the Path
Valley of the Hetch Hetchy
Yosemite Valley
Indian Horse Race
View near Newport
Mount Hood, Oregon
Rocky Mountains, Lander's Peak
Farallon Islands, Pacific Ocean
Estes Park, Colorado
Nevada Falls, Yosemite
Sunrise on the Matterhorn
Sierra Nevada
California Scenery
Mountain Pool (
Emerald Pool)
White Mountains Study of Ferns above Emerald Pool
Cloud Study, Moonlight
Green Butterfly
Iceberg Study
Sky Study
Tottenham Church, London
White Mountains-Echo Lake
Hunter in the White Mountains near Glen House
The Matterhorn (Valley of Zermatt, Switzerland)


Indian Encampment at Sunset
Indian Encampment, Shoshone Village
Rocky Mountain Landscape
Rocky Mountain Waterfall
Rocky Mountains
Western Landscape
Snow-capped Mountain
Sunrise Mountain Landscape
The Flight
Near Oakland, California
A Summer Work Day
Mountain House
The Boating Party
The Departure of Hiawatha
View of Italy
Carmel Mission
Autumn Birches

Farallon Islands, California
Fishing Boats Off the Southern Italian Coast
Gates of the Yosemite
Indians in Council, California
Italian Fishing Boats
Lake View, Italian Alps
Mount Baker, Washington, from the Frazer River
Oregon Coastline
Point Lobos
Pueblo Maiden
Seal Rocks, Farallons
Summer Landscape with Farmhouse
Sunset Landscape
Mountain Lake
Tropical Scene
Untitled Landscape - Florida or the Bahamas
Early Navigators of the 15th Century
Coast of California
Cypress Point
Division Lake, California
Mount Chocorua, New Hampshire
High Sierras
House in the Woods
Lake Angela, Summit of the Sierra
Landscape with Deer, After the Storm
The Last of the Narragansetts (Martha Simon)
Farm Building with Mountain in the Background
Mountain Lake
The Trout Brook
Mountain Scene
Mountain Scene
Mountain Stream
Mount Baker from the Fraser River
Mount Rainier from the Southeast
Mount Rainier from Lake Washington
Mount Shasta and Castle Lake
New Jersey Landscape

Old Faithful
Piz Bernina, Switzerland
Salerno, Night on the Beach
Salt Cay, Bahamas
Storm Clouds
Study of Two Priests
Summit, Sierra Nevada
Sunset, Grand Tetons
The Burning Ship
Western Landscape: Mountain, River, Wagons on Plain
Western Landscape
Winter Scene of Lake Tahoe
View from the Wind River Mountains, Wyoming
Geyser, Yellowstone Park
Ice Breaking Up
Snow in the Rockies
In the Tetons
Harbor Scene
Study of Water Lilies
Lake Louise
Saint Lawrence River from the Citadel, Quebec
Black Hills, Colorado
Blue Clouds in the Rockies

Cloud Study
Coming Storm
Lawn at Malkasten
Mount Brewer from Kings River Canyon, California
Mountain Lake
Valley of the Yosemite
Yosemite Valley 3/
Ships in Moonlight
The Falls
Mount Washington from Saco River
View of Oakland
Pool in Forest
Estes Park, Colorado
Yosemite Valley
Rainbow Over Jenny Lake, Teton Range, Wyoming
Mount Shasta
Royal Arches, Yosemite Valley, California
In the Yosemite Valley
In Western Mountains
Lake Tahoe
Snow-Capped Mountains
Study of a Buffalo
Evening Sky
Lake Rosalie, California
Cloud Study
Clouds in Owens Valley
Clouds over California
Clouds over Mountain
Cowboy and Indian Study
Beached Ship
Italian Costume Sketch of a Kneeling Nun
German Forest
Incoming Clouds
Hillside Hesse-Cassel, Germany
Hudson River
Hudson River Landscape with Figures and Sheep
Hudson Valley
Jungfau from Interlaken
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Fields and Valley, Westphalia, Germany
Landscape with Cottage, Westphalia, Germany
Landscape with Pond, Westphalia, Germany

Portion of the Jungfrau from Gindelwald (Alpine Landscape)
Storm in the Mountains
Mountain in Sunset Glow
Mountain Lake
Mountain Landscape with Lake
Rolling Hills, Westphalia, Germany
Sea and Sky
Mountain Peaks in the Clouds
Soaring over the Falls
Rocks and Stream, Westphalia, Germany
Study for The Last of the Buffalo
Study for The Last of the Buffalo
Study for The Last of the Buffalo
Study of a Forest Interior
Standing Cowboy with Horse
Study of Clouds and Mist
Study for the Landing of Columbus
Studies of Indian Chiefs made at Fort Laramie, Wyoming
Trees Along a Riverbank
Sunset over the River
Wasatch Mountains
White Mountains near Glen House
The Redwood Trees of California
Vernal Falls
Western Landscape with Figures in a Boat
Wasatch Mountains
Yosemite Falls
A Trail through the Trees
Bees Honey and Pots / Beehives
Sunlight and Shadow: Study
California Redwoods
California Sunset
Chilcoton Indian Camp
Lake Tahoe
Cathedral Forest, Sequoia Garden - Calvars County
Cathedral Rocks, Yosemite
Cliff Dwellers
European Village
Hanging Partridge
Hanging Woodcock
Cloud Study
Cloud Study
Cloud Study, Mountain Tops Lake Tahoe, California
Dunes and Clouds
Coastal Scene with Sailboats
Tropical Landscape
Cypress Point, Monterey
Farallon Islands
Gnarled Cedar Tree in a Lush Forest
Gathering Hay, New Hampshire
In the Rockies
Indian and Wagon Train Encampment
Lake Tahoe
Head of an Indian
Hetch Hetchy Valley
Home of the Rainbow - Horseshoe Falls, Niagara
Monterey, California
Jim Bridger, the Mountain Man
In the Yosemite Valley
Lame George's Camp
Yosemite Valley
Indian Canoe at Lake Side
Fishing and Hunting Camp, Loring, Alaska
Indian Hunting from a Canoe
Marina Piccola, Capri
Landscape with Trees and Valley
Mountain Landscape
Life and Death
Kallenfels Among the Hills, Germany
Landscape near Lake Lucerne
Kings Canyon, Sierra Nevada Mountains, California
Yosemite Valley
Wind River Range
Yosemite Landscape
Yosemite Valley
Landscape with Cows
Lawrence Peak, Nebraska
Indians Spearing Salmon
Longs Peak, Estes Park
Indian Encampment (Indian Camp in the Mountains)
Moonlight Reflections

Niagara Falls
Mountain View near Yellowstone Valley
Niagara, American Falls from Goat Island
Nevada Falls
Mountain Sunset
Northwest Coast
On the Wisconsin River near Milwaukee
Rams in Dunraven
Reflections on a Western Lake
New England Landscape
Rocky Mountains
Rocky Mountains

Mount Sir Donald, Asulkan Glacier
Port Richmond, San Francisco Bay
Salt Marsh at Twilight
Rocky Coastal Scene
San Joaquin Valley, California
Seal Rocks, California
Sea and Rocks
Shoshone Indians, Rocky Mountains
Shoshone Indians, Wind River Range
Sierra Mountain Scene
Sierra Nevada Mountains
Sketch of Wave
Study of Grassy Hills with Snow-Capped Mountains
Storm on Laramie Peak
Snow-Capped Mountains
The Last of the Buffalo
The Rocky Mountains
Sunrise, Early Morning Mist in the High Sierras
Sunset California Scenery
Sunset in California
Sunset Landscape
The Falls in the Forest
The Jungfrau, Switzerland
The Matterhorn at Sunset
The Oak Tree
Tukerman's Ravine
Turbulent Clouds, White Mountains, New Hampshire
Waterfall and Rainbow, Niagara
Waterville, Oneida County, New York
Western Landscape
A River Landscape, Westphalia
Wind River Mountains, Nebraska Territory
Woodland Cabin
A Quiet Valley
Mount Whitney (Garden/Grandeur of the Rockies)
Autumn Landscape
Hetch Hetchy Valley
In Platte River Country
Lakeside Scene
Autumn, Estes Park, Colorado
Lake Scene with Moose
View in Yosemite Valley
Mountain View
Nooning on the Platte, North Dakota
Scene in Yosemite Valley
Snow Scene with Buffaloes
Western Landscape at Sunset
Sunset Light, Wind River Range, Rocky Mountains
Lost Arrow, Yosemite Falls
View of Niagara Falls
Wooded Glade
Western Landscape into the Rocky Mountains
American West
Capri Beach
Approaching Storm
Estes Park, Colorado
Grand Tetons
Cliff House and Bay of San Francisco
Mount Ascutney from Claremont, New Hampshire
Return of the Fleets
Scenery in the Grand Tetons
San Rafael, California
A Western Landscape
Indians Hunting Buffalo
Lake Lucerne
Winter Sunset
Wind River Country
Rocky Mountain Stream
Indians Near Fort Laramie
Landscape with Cattle
Western Landscape
Estes Park, Colorado, Whyte's Lake
Yosemite Valley
Indians Canoeing on the Wisconsin River
Wind River Mountains, Nebraska
Autumn, Summit Woods, New Jersey
Winter Dawn
Montana Landscape
New Hampshire Mountains
View to a Clearing
Conestoga Wagons
Boating Through Yosemite Valley With Half Dome In The Distance
Portrait of a Horse
Yosemite Camp Kitchen
Seal Rocks, Pacific Ocean, California
Jungfrau, After First Snow
Coastal Landscape
Entrance To Golden Gate
Hetch Hetchy Valley
Campers with Canoes
El Capitan, Yosemite
Mont Blanc
Interior of a Library
Indian Beauty
Butterflies with Riders
Gathering Storm
Landscape with Mountains
Mountain Landscape
Niagara Falls
Farallon Islands
In the Rockies
Clouds Over the Prairie
Prong Horned Antelope with the Grand Tetons Beyond
Sunrise in the Valley
Study of Rocky Mountains
Autumn Storm, Franconia Mountains, New Hampshire
A Mountain Waterfall

Rocky Pool, New Hampshire
In the Yosemite Valley
Cathedral Rock, Yosemite
Summer in the Hills

Sunset Landscape
French Nature Study
Panoramic View of Castle and Valley
Mountains and Foothills
Study of a Deer
The Trout Brook
Cattle at Sunset
Autumn on the River
Mountain Landscape
Pink Butterfly
Yellow Butterfly
Wooded Hillside
Mountain Mist
Travelers Amidst An Alpine Vista
Niagara from The American Side
Rocky Mountains
Mediterranean Coast with Railway
A Fine Day
The Boating Party
View near Spouting Rock
Old Faithful
An Alpine Landscape
Mountain Lake
In the Alban Hills
Snowy Mountain Peaks
Study of Wild Horses
Summer in the Mountains
Cloud Study with Two Figures
Colorado Landscape
Waterfall in Woods
Sunrise On the Platte
Above the Timberline
On the Mediterranean
In the Tyrol
The Black Butterfly
Lake Scene
Hunting Scene
Mountain Brook
Rocky Mountains
A Western Sunset
Mountain Cascade and Pool
Rocky Mountain Pass
Indian Hunter
The Sentinel


* If an image displays a size, it was shown as a Bierstadt painting at a museum, book about the artist, or online auction. 

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