Help topics on this page:
  • How to download image files - remember, you MUST NOT direct link to images here!  Here's why.
  • Information for AOL sites about downloading image files, why some images look crummy, and why some of your visitors can't see the images on your pages
  • How to use border backgrounds so the text doesn't display on the border
  • How to eliminate the border around linked images
Also see Designing Your Cat Page and Frequently UNAsked Questions About Good Netiquette

How to Download Image Files

Click right mouse button on image then choose "save image as".
Internet Explorer
Click right mouse button on image then choose "save picture as".
Hold the mouse button on image, then choose "save image as".
Visit this site for transloading and other helpful links
Remember, you are not allowed to link to images to CatStuff; you must download them then put them in your own web storage space.

AOL USERS: The AOL web browser is a modified version of MSIE. One of the modifications is that by default it "compresses" graphics to an .ART format. The problem is that when you save images off web pages in the AOL browser, they stay in the .ART format - even if they are named with .gif or .jpg extensions. This means that only the MSIE Web Browsers can view images on your page - anyone using any other browser cannot see them!

Please read this page for more detailed information on how to solve this problem and others.

How to Use Bordered Backgrounds

Create a left-aligned or default table with two cells side by side. The first cell will contain a transparent "spacer" image. Adjust the width of the spacer gif to slightly more than the width of the border. Use the following html within the body of your page, immediately after the opening BODY statement:

<IMG SRC="spacer.gif" WIDTH=110 HEIGHT=10></TD>

Now place the content of your html document here, followed by the following fragment before your closing BODY statement:


Here is the "spacer.gif":  (right click on the square to save the file)

How to Eliminate the Border around Linked Images

To remove the border around images, include border=0 in your img src statement. (Remember, by the way, that specifying the height and width of an image will make the page load faster!)

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