In June 2003, at about 11 pm, our front doorbell rang.  I opened the door to find a large box sitting on the porch.  Taped on top of the box was a note that said, "Please take care of my kitties."

When the box was opened, a scrawny Siamese cat jumped out and ran off to the edge of the lawn.  We peered inside the box to find 4 tiny kittens.  I sighed.

We carried the box to the back shed, with the mother trailing behind. 

Sophie was one of those 4 kittens; she officially became part of our family in November 2003.

Sophie is a tiny little girl, not much bigger now than when she was a teenager.  She's a real cat - independent, aloof, content to be by herself, seeking out attention on her own terms.

Her biological brother Tuxedo occasionally picks on her, but she gets along well with everybody.

Sophie's Photo Album

Sophie in a box with the mail that's waiting to be taken to the Post Office.

Sophie looking adorable.

Even though she's very small, she
doesn't quite fit into this box.

There's always competition for boxes.

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