The Cat Who Was Slapped with a Restraining Order

Lewis, a polydactl black and white long-haired cat lives in Sunset Circle in the city of Fairfield, Connecticut.  Lewis apparently has a very bad temper, and several fellow residents, including an Avon lady, have been attacked by him, with no provocation. 

Lewis was identified by a victim in a lineup of black and white cats - and is the only cat to have had a restraining order issued against him.  He was placed under house arrest in 2004, allowed limited outdoor privileges if kept on Prozac. 

When Lewis escaped the house and attacked another neighbor, Lewis' owner, Ruth Cisero, was
arrested and charged with failure to comply with a restraint order.  The prosecuting attorney later changed the charge to second degree reckless endangerment.  Cisero was put on probation.  About the same time, one of Lewis' previous victims filed a $5,000 lawsuit against her.

LewisThe local news media - then the national news media - got hold of the story and, when Cisero went to court in April 2006 to ask for the probation to be lifted, the court was full of reporters.  The judge said she would consider lifting the probation only if Lewis was euthanized.  Finally in June 2006, Cisero was granted "accelerated probation" on the condition that Lewis could never go outside again - no exceptions, ever, except for trips to the vet.

In July 2008, the judge dismissed the reckless endangerment charge against Cisero, concluding she had met terms of a special probation for first-time offenders. Lewis is now an indoor pet, allowed outside only in a cat carrier.

From Wikipedia

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