The Cat Who Saved Her Owner from Two Pit Bulls

LimaIn June 2010, 39-year-old Cherry Woods of Pearland, Texas, was attacked in front of her house by two 100-pound pit bulls. 

Woods' husband Harold came running from the house when he heard his wife screaming to find she had been knocked to the ground.  Yelling and making motions towards the dogs, he couldn't fend them off. 

Suddenly, Lima, their reclusive, timid cat - a "street cat who's housebroken" entered the fracas.  According to Harold, she "came out of the bushes and scratched one of the dogs and started hissing at it. They both turned their attention to the cat. I was able to grab my wife and pull her inside the house.” Lima, too, was able to get away from the dogs.

From the Daily Beast

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