The Cat Who Provides Hope and Comfort

ScooterVeterinarian Betsy Kennon treated a small kitten who had been brought to her with a broken back. She gave him shots and fed him, and eventually he started pulling himself forward with his front legs.  His will to live won her over, and she adopted him, named him Scooter, and secured a cart from a company that makes them for disabled animals.

Over time, Kennon took Scooter to HealthSouth Harmarville Rehabilitation for an audition as a pet therapy cat. He was introduced to an elderly woman who'd had a stroke and hadn't spoken for 2 days. Scooter jumped out of Kennon's arms and onto the bed, rolling over to the patient. He snuggled close to her cheek, purring. The woman looked at Scooter and murmed "Kitty," then began to talk to him.

Scooter was responsible for a small miracle that day.

Today Scooter spends about 10 hours a month with patients who are recovering from strokes and injuries. Again and again, Kennon watches as her cat provides hope and comfort.

Info from Reader's Digest

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