Cat-Themed Software for your WIN95/98/ME/XP PC

Here are links to sites with fonts, etc. for your personal computer. When you click on the link, a new browser window will open and you'll be taken to the host site's preview page. 

In most cases, you will need to have an unzipping utility installed on your computer.  Also, I'm sorry, but I am unaware of any sites for cat-related Mac software, except for Webshots.

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Bengal Cat:  Gorgeous bengals Go get it
Purr:  An adorable resting gray and white kitten, with the word "purr" floating around her CatStuff
Tortie Tail:  A beautiful tortieshell cat whose tail is gently moving CatStuff
Victorian Cats: Twelve scenes featuring Victorian cats and kitten paintings  CatStuff

Webshots:  Thousands of photos of cats  Go get it

Screen mates sit or run around your desktop while you're working; Felix is a favorite
Felix: That adorable black and white kitty (shown above) walks across your screen, looks into a
fishbowl, eats, plays, etc. You can also download a kitten to play with Felix, more food and toys,
and a "mischief package" for Felix.  Wallpaper and screensavers are also available, much more.
Go get it

Breed Mate:  Complete Pedigree software package for cat, etc., breeders (demo)  Go get it
Breeders Assistant and Pedigree Assistant: Pedigree/record keeping program from TenSet that features pedigrees, genetic trait prediction, mating certificates, accounts, show records, vet records, vaccination records, appointments diary, reports, CFA, FIFe and GCCF support, more. (demo)  Go get it

[ preview ] Note: Except as noted, clicking on link will download zipped font file.
Ali-Cat: Single cat with a ball over its head, with a letter in it 
Animal TracksPaw prints
Border Cats: Line drawings of cats 
Cat Silhouettes: Font made by Agent J from many of our CatStuff silhouettes  Go get it
Cat's Meow: Cat heads with letters
CatTreats: Simple line drawings with cat treats in each letter
CatWalk: Angular cat paws with alphabet 
CuddleCats: Non-serifed font with hollow cat drawing inside each letter 
Dingbat CatsLine drawings of cats
Dingbat Cats2: Line drawings of cats
Kitty PrintCat head sketches 
Linus FaceSilly cat head sketches 
Pussyfoot: Similar to CarrieCat, the letters are made of cats 
Pyramid PurrCat silhouettes on letters 

Links verified 10/2008
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